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Custom Hand-Knit Sweaters Blend Subjects into Urban Environments

Over the previous four years, photographer Joseph Ford has collaborated with buddy and knitter Nina Dodd to produce a project that blends in their environments instead of having them stand outside. Each subject conveys a custom hand-knit sweater by Dodd that transforms their torso, partially camouflaging their entire body into a highly textured wall, striped running […] More

Things To Think About Before Building A New Home

The prospect of completely designing and building your own home is extremely exciting. You’ve dreamed many times about the kind of home you want to build, and added features that you’d love to add to your design. However, it’s not just as simple as drawing your dream home and hiring the builders because there’s a […] More

Roman Blinds for Living Rooms

Every living room has a unique look and while Roman blinds may not be appropriate for every arrangement, they can make for a great starting point when you are decorating a living room. The purpose of a living room varies from family to family, but regardless, it is likely that most of the time spent […] More