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Indoor Installation of 10,000 Plants Explores Connection Between Threatened Australian Grasslands and Architecture

Australian design studio Baracco+Wright Architects, worked together with artist Linda Tegg to create ‘Grasslands Repair’ for Australia’s Venice Architecture Biennale pavilion, a 10,000-plant recreation of the grasslands of southeast Victoria. The indoor installation spans a lot of the pavilion and extends into its outdoor space, with walkways that allow audiences to move among the 65 classes […] More

Samuel Jaffe’s Feature a Magnificient Beauty of New England Caterpillars

With over 120,000 known species across the planet, the beauty and wide variety of caterpillars is magnificent. English photographer Samuel Jaffe has taken his lifelong passion of caterpillars to a new degree, devoting the past several years to exploring, photographing, and educating people about these charming creatures. In 2008, Jaffe took up the rearing of […] More

An Artist Uses Everyday Objects To Create Neatly Organized Art Pieces

Connecticut based artist Kristen Meyer specializes in interior decorating, window design and prop styling. This mother of two kids handles to create the most satisfying parts of art by neatly organizing small objects into those ideal contours. Her work will definitely allow you to fill in-order as it’s the cleanest thing you will see today. Scroll […] More

Urban and Street Photography of Brian Crippe

Beautiful street and urban landscapes by Brian Crippe photographer, retoucher and adventurer who was born and raised in Seattle, Washington and now lives and works in Portland, Oregon. Brian graduated from Portland Community College. Crippe has been exploring and improving his photography skills using Portland as his testing ground over the last couple of years. […] More

Photographer Albert Dros Shares Some of His Most Incredible Photos of Iceland

Over the previous 15 years, tourism in Iceland has increased considerably. Exploding from about 600,000 tourists a year in 2000 to 4.4 million in 2014, the industry shows no indications of slowing down. Iceland‘s striking landscape is overwhelming, especially for photographers. From icebergs and the Northern Lights to majestic temples and waterfalls, Iceland is on […] More