Photographer Captured Hidden Underwater River Flowing Along Mexico’s Ocean Floor

If you have been waiting for inspiration to hit before you take these scuba diving courses, here is something for you. Only a ten to fifteen-minute drive south of Tulum can direct one to Cenote Angelita - an innovative scuba diving cenote (water-filled cave) which houses a surprise: a submerged river that flows throughout the sea!

You may be thinking about. But when limestone bedrock collapses, then it sinks and creates a pit. Acting as a reservoir, that this pit subsequently fills with a combination of new groundwater and saltwater. At some point, the organic thing ends up in the trench, and as soon as it decomposes, it creates a halocline (a cloud of hydrogen sulphide) which divides the freshwater on top in the saltwater beneath.

With fallen branches and leaves liner the "river," you can not help but believe you are in a mysterious forest.

You give the fine and start your descent, initially you see only blueness all around then gradually at roughly 18m/60ft you start to find out what seems like a peculiar wispy underside appearing beneath with a couple ghostly, bare limbed tree trunks and branches sticking out."


"As it becomes better you start to feel the first effects of narcosis in precisely the exact same time as you find an expanse of wispy fog beneath. On the peak of the cloud you stop and look round, what looks surreal, along with a spooky sensation takes over-amplified from the impacts of the nitrogen on a mind.

"You descend through the cloud, for a moment you can not see anything but for the brown glow of your lighting, and perhaps you bump into a branch or 2 at the murk then you're through and realize there's a black abyss under you, the water is quite clear. However your light does not light anything under, the ray is consumed in blackness.
"Now this was a diving experience you won't ever forget."

Underwater photographer Anatoly Beloshchin has obtained some stunning shots and also a video of the is apparently happening underwater river.