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Popular types of wholesale flowers

Flowers, as a symbol of expressing feelings for another person, have been popular at all times. Flowers are good both as a gift and as a nice addition to the main present. FiftyFlowers flower shop boasts a wide range of wholesale flowers of various types and colors, ranging from exotic varieties to seasonal representatives of local flora. Among this natural diversity, there are representatives who are especially popular with both buyers and florists.

Advantages of wholesale flower purchases

Saving money is the undeniable benefit of buying flowers in quantity. For significant order quantities, the price differential between retail and wholesale amounts to an amazing sum, which is safely retained by the owner. The larger selection of products is the second benefit. This can be explained by the fact that it is not profitable to sell some plants at retail, such as those with low popularity or expensive pricing. Only with large orders do these kinds show up in shops.

Time savings are another clear advantage. Flowers are purchased simultaneously, along with any other accessories or supplies. The flowers' freshness is the final consideration. A reputable wholesale flower online retailer is extremely meticulous about the quality of the goods presented; wilting plants are promptly discarded. Buying in bulk is a certain way to receive the appropriate quantity of fresh flowers.

The most common types of wholesale flowers

Flower wholesaler FiftyFlowers offers to buy fresh flowers in bulk at affordable prices to all buyers, flower sellers, florists, flower shops, and other connoisseurs of the beauty of the floristic world. The list includes both common and well-known species as well as uncommon exotic ones. We immediately fulfill client demands while continuously working on its replenishment. You may be certain that you will discover the ideal item from our extensive selection of goods.

You may select kinds whose inflorescences, foliage, and bushes have particular shapes, sizes, and colors to pick the flowers you like most. With the help of these capabilities, you'll be able to freely design beautiful flower arrangements or bouquets for your house and vacation cottage. On the site you can get acquainted with an extensive assortment of completely different types of flowers:

  • The most popular flower worldwide is the rose. There are hundreds of different plant kinds available all year long. They are lovely, affordable, and robust. maybe hypoallergenic or flavorful. offered in a wide range of colors, including white, cream, yellow, peach, orange, red, burgundy, coral, and purple. The number of petals and bud cup shape are different.
  • Eternally loved for their timelessness tulips. Any bouquet design may benefit from the flower's inherent elegance, whether it is pastel, vivid, or blinding white. They may enhance a composition with volume, movement, elegance, drama, and appeal because of their elegant stems and cascading petals. Variety's beautiful color palette makes it simple to pair with a wide range of other hues.
  • Today's most popular flower is the peony. Herbaceous and tree peonies are the two primary varieties. They come in a broad variety of tints, ranging in color from white to pink, burgundy, and coral. A peony-only bouquet has a gorgeous, regal appearance.
  • The lifespan of chrysanthemum blossoms is exceptionally lengthy. There are several flower forms and colors to pick from, ranging from the more uncommon lavender to the classic red and yellow.
  • One of the most popular flowers is the ranunculus. It is available for purchase throughout the year. Rich inflorescences with layers of delicate, feather-like petals give the composition great shadows and depth. White, green, cream, peach, pink, mauve, purple, burgundy, red, yellow, and orange are the available colors.
  •  Anemones are available all year round. Any arrangement is made more dramatic by the delicate petals and elaborate, dark sepals, or centers. They come in white, pink, blue, purple, and red, among other colors. Ideal for layering on bigger flowers like roses, these blossoms feature gorgeously twisted stems that give the plant character.

The catalog of bouquets in FiftyFlowers and viewing it will give you great pleasure, and the prices will please you with democracy. The range of flowers in our online store is incredibly wide, so you can bulk flower order right now. FiftyFlowers offers a selection of the best flower samples, the widest variety of varieties and the best quality.

Why is it worth ordering flowers in bulk from FiftyFlowers?

Every customer must be happy with their wholesale flower order in order for them to become a regular customer of FiftyFlowers. Therefore, the online store monitors the assortment and quality of flowers. But more importantly, the online store's selection is frequently refreshed and increased thanks to intriguing floral novelties. By choosing the FiftyFlowers online store, you get many advantages:

  • favorable wholesale prices;
  • a wide range of wholesale colors;
  • in the catalog only high-quality and fresh flowers;
  • convenient way of payment and delivery;
  • feedback 24 hours a day.

What to look for when buying flowers in bulk?

When buying in bulk, the condition of the plants is very important. Florists recommend paying attention to the following points:

  • The degree of opening of the bud. The life of cut flowers is very short, so it is better if the plants are half-open at the time of purchase, so they will last longer.
  • The presence of a "shirt sheet". This is especially true for roses. "Shirt" - these are the lowest, dense petals that are closest to the pedicel and fit the bud. In some cases, they are removed to improve the aesthetics of the flower, but this also leads to accelerated wilting.
  • The elasticity of the petals. In fresh flowers, the petals hold their shape well, look “nourished”, do not crumble when touched, and easily return to their place.
  • The state of the stems. They must be dense, elastic, dry patches, signs of wilting are unacceptable.

Do you wish to purchase lovely and recent flowers? Online wholesale flower shop The most exquisite and aromatic flowers will be carefully arranged for you by FiftyFlowers. You may create a one-of-a-kind present for any festival or occasion by using a contemporary and artistic approach to the creation of any bouquets. You'll get genuinely unique compositions that more than live up to your expectations.