16 Celebrities You’ll Never Believe Are The Same Age


Genes, makeup counters and lifestyle choices can make quite the difference in the way you look. Some of these celebrities are looking really good for their age while some others… Let’s just say that they have old souls. You’ll be surprised to know that these famous celebrities were born in the same year, but apparently have aged differently.


Chris Evans and Elijah Wood, 1981Chuck-Norris-and-Michael-Gambon-1940

Chuck Norris and Michael Gambon, 1940Danny-Pudi-and-Chris-ODowd-1979

Danny Pudi and Chris O’Dowd, 1979


Idris Elba and John Cho, 1972Jared-Leto-and-Martin-Freeman-1971

Jared Leto and Martin Freeman, 1971


Alison Brie and Bridget Regan, 1982


Jim Parsons and Andrew Lincoln, 1973Kate-Upton-and-Selena-Gomez-1992

Kate Upton and Selena Gomez, 1992Keanu-Reeves-and-Nicolas-Cage-1964

Keanu Reeves and Nicolas Cage, 1964

Keira Knightley and Carly Rae Jepsen, 1985Liam-Hemsworth-and-Thomas-Brodie-Sangster-1990

Liam Hemsworth and Thomas Brodie Sangster, 1990Michael-Cera-and-Hafthór-Júlíus-Björnsson-1988

Michael Cera and Hafthór Júlíus Björnsson, 1988Nick-Offerman-and-Nikolaj-Coster-Waldau-1970

Nick Offerman and Nikolaj Coster Waldau, 1970Robin-Wright-and-Halle-Berry-1966

Robin Wright and Halle Berry, 1966Russell-Crowe-and-Rob-Lowe-1964

Russell Crowe and Rob Lowe, 1964Sarah-Hyland-and-Jennifer-Lawrence-1990Sarah Hyland and Jennifer Lawrence, 1990


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