3 Jobs That Can Make Your Life Feel More Meaningful

When it comes to your job, it’s important to be passionate. If you can’t muster up enough enthusiasm for what you do, then you’re going to struggle to get from one day to the next.

For some people, this means getting a job that matches their hobbies and interests. For others, it means doing something that they believe has meaning; something that will make their life more fulfilling.

If you’re in the latter category and you’re looking for a job that you believe will make a difference to people’s lives, these are some of your options.


Being a teacher requires an intense amount of responsibility. After all, what you do to educate a room full of children can shape the rest of their lives. That’s a lot to handle, especially when you consider how many kids a teacher can influence during their career.

However, it’s this very reason why teaching is such a meaningful thing to do with your life. If you’re truly passionate about helping children to learn, it can be the most rewarding job in the world. You get the pleasure of knowing that what you’ve done has impacted thousands of lives. Plus, if you put your all into helping your students grow, then you can take pleasure in knowing that they will likely remember you for many years to come.


When it comes to healthcare, doctors tend to get all the glory. However, if it weren’t for nurses, their jobs would be immensely more difficult. These men and women are the unsung heroes of the medical industry, so becoming one could put you on the path to a more meaningful career. There are plenty of different paths to go down, but the one that’s best to consider is AGNP.

woman in white button up shirt and blue stethoscope

An adult-gerontology nurse practitioner deals with people ages 13 and up, which is over 80% of the US population. You can’t get much more meaningful than helping to heal most of the country. If you want more information about becoming an AGNP, including job prospects, salary expectations, and the steps you need to take, Wilkes University has all the resources you’ll need.

Social Work

There are a lot of people in the US who need support, both young and old. We’re talking about children who are in care or aren’t looked after properly in their homes. We’re talking about adults who might struggle with their mental health or need assistance with living an independent life. We’re talking about senior citizens who can no longer look after themselves. With so many people in need, it’s hard to think of many careers more rewarding than being a social worker.

Whichever age group you want to focus on, there are so many opportunities for you to make a difference to the lives of others. You will never know how rewarding it can be to give a child a happy home or make the last years of someone’s lives as comfortable as possible until you’ve done it yourself.

You don’t have to save lives or educate thousands in order for your life to be meaningful. However, if you want to help others and feel like you’re doing some good in the world, these jobs could be the best thing for you.