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3 Reasons Why an Engagement Ring is Important

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The engagement ring goes back many centuries, and while it may have taken different meanings in the past, one thing remains the same. Slipping an engagement ring into the finger of a woman signifies a commitment that she is the one the man intends to spend the rest of his life with. In these modern times, the engagement ring is an announcement of a forthcoming marriage. Anyone who sees the ring on the finger of someone will quickly know that she is taken, committed to one person, and is no longer available. For the person wearing the ring, it serves as a constant reminder that she has accepted her lover's proposal and places her heart and her whole life in his hands. 

Because of the significance of the engagement ring, it is no wonder that a man looks for the most trusted jewelers to ensure that they get only the most perfect ring for their partner. He would certainly want her to wear this ring with pride and show the world that she belongs to him, body and soul. How important is an engagement ring? Read on to find out.

It is the ultimate symbol of commitment

Nothing can express total commitment more than the engagement ring. It is the focal point of the marriage proposal, signifying that the man has chosen this woman to love and cherish for the rest of his life. The woman's acceptance of the ring means that she is as committed to living her whole life with her lover. It is the beginning of a brand new adventure together, raising a family, and loving each other forever.

It is the tradition

As earlier mentioned, the practice of presenting a lover with an engagement ring dates back many centuries before. For the ancient Egyptians and Romans, the ring signified true love that surpassed time and space. It was worn on the left ring finger because of the belief that this contained the "vena amoris" or the "vein of love", leading directly to the heart. Also, the left hand is the side where the heart is, making it even more symbolic of true love. In the beginning, the Romans believed it to be a sign of ownership, which, of course, changed through the years. But when you consider it, ownership also meant that the two people were bound and belonged to each other. There is a sense of belonging for the wearer of the ring as she anticipates her wedding day. Traditional as it may be, the engagement ring carries the same symbol of love it did before.

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It makes her happy

Why is an engagement ring important? More than anything, it is because it makes a woman happy. For her, wearing it offers an assurance that her lover is content and would want no one else in his life but her. It holds a promise of true love that can never be extinguished. 

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While some couples may have an understanding of commitment with or without an engagement ring, it is still something that is seriously considered by many. Its symbolism and the joy it brings to the woman makes it the most unique gift she can ever receive.