Promise Rings and What To Consider When Purchasing

Giving promise rings are very beautiful and a significant tradition that may not be as well-known as the engagement ring or wedding bands. Usually, a promise ring is given when a couple is seriously dating and may be considering marriage, although not in the near future. Promise rings may actually also be given by parents to their children as a symbol of love. For others, promise rings may be a tangible reminder of a personal commitment to abstinence until marriage or a commitment to one's faith or an advocacy.

Regardless of the reason, choosing a promise ring is an important decision. What should you consider when purchasing one?

The Message You Want to Convey

In choosing the promise ring you want to give your loved one, what message are you sending? As aforementioned, the promise ring can stand for so many things and should not be given lightly.

  • Is it being given as a symbol of devotion and future commitment?
  • Are you making a promise to yourself?
  • Are you choosing a promise ring to celebrate a child's or loved one's milestone?
  • Are you and your partner purchasing identical or partner rings to signify your promise to each other?

Your intentions in giving or buying a promise ring will have a bearing on the budget you set for it as well as the design you choose.  

The Budget You Will Set Aside for the Promise Ring

As with buying different kinds of jewelry, budget matters. How much are you willing to spend on the promise ring you plan to give?

Generally, promise rings are not as expensive as engagement rings or wedding bands. Lack of budget for an engagement and wedding is actually one reason for giving your special someone a promise ring first. Even if it may cost significantly less, promise rings are just as meaningful and beautiful as gifts.

Your budget will dictate the kind of metal and the stones you will select for the promise ring.

The Design for the Promise Ring

There's more to the design than meets the eye. Here are the things you need to consider in choosing your very own style for the promise ring you will buy.

  • Metal

    Depending on your budget, there are a variety of metals to choose from. You may choose silver, gold in rose, white or yellow color, or the more expensive and hardy platinum.
  • Consider whether your loved one will wear the promise ring everyday or only on special occasions. Silver tends to fade easily, so only choose this metal if the promise ring will only be worn on occasion. Another affordable alternative is to choose gold-plated silver.
  • Opt for pure gold if your loved one will wear the promise ring daily or often. If you have the money, investing in a platinum setting will be very much worth it. If you're buying partner rings, choose the metal you will both be comfortable wearing.
  • You may also want to check your loved one's often-used pieces of jewelry. Is she more inclined to wearing jewelry in colors of silver/white gold or yellow gold? You may want the promise ring you give to match with and complement the other jewelry pieces your girlfriend or loved one regularly wears.

Matching the design of the promise ring you'll give with her personal style will guarantee that your gift will be very much appreciated.

  • Possible designs

    You've chosen the metal and the gemstones. Now it's time to settle on the design you want. The possibilities are endless!
  • Solitaire
    The most classic of all ring designs is the solitaire. This has the gemstone at the center and set on a plain band. If your girlfriend is the classic type, you can't go wrong with choosing a solitaire ring as the design. Because it's a promise ring, the gemstone or diamond is usually not yet as huge as it would be on an engagement ring.
  • Cluster or illusion settings
    More budget-friendly but just as pretty are cluster or illusion settings. Make use of tiny diamonds or gems to adorn the promise ring. The final look is a dainty and sweet arrangement of beautiful stones to convey your promise.
  • Trinity
    The trinity design is made up of three gemstones of the same size and placed side by side in the middle of the ring. The three stones symbolize your past, present, and future together as a couple. The idea is based on an old Irish tradition. This design makes for a unique and very meaningful promise ring.
  • Eternity
    Because it's not yet an engagement but a significant step towards a lifelong commitment, another design you may want to consider would be the eternity design. Here, you have tiny diamonds or other gemstones all around the band. What's lovely with this setting is that you may give her stackable rings for future occasions or anniversaries to wear together with your eternity promise ring.

Surprising your loved one with a promise ring is a very beautiful idea, and it is a gift filled with deep meaning. It can symbolize commitment or celebrate a milestone.