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The Right Way To Care For Your Diamond Jewelry

person holding bridal ring set

Diamond jewelry is undoubtedly a costly proposition, and few people can afford it. However, if you choose lab-grown diamonds in your gorgeous classic engagement ring, you may not have to break the bank! It is of critical importance to take care of your diamond jewelry so that it may last you a lifetime (this also lets you pass these items on as a family heirloom). Here are some things to remember that will serve you correctly in this regard:

Removing Delicate Pieces Before Taking a Shower

It is super-important that you try and remove any delicate pieces of diamond jewelry before taking a shower. This applies more for delicate and dainty jewelry items and less for rings and other sturdy pieces. The only reason why this is so is that when you keep these on during a shower, over some time, a layer of soap and water may collect on the diamonds, making them lose their shine a little. Though you can restore the brightness with a good cleaning, it is best to try and remove jewelry.

close-up photo of diamond earings

Use Soft Toothbrush to Clean

Cleaning diamonds and diamond jewelry is not difficult as long as you have a nice soft-bristled toothbrush. Never use anything hard, or scratch-inducing on the diamonds as that can cause problems. Instead, using a soft toothbrush to remove anything on the jewelry is a good idea.

With this, you can scrub off any layer that may have come on the stones and make them shine as bright as before. Your diamond will shine like new in no time. 

Drying After Cleaning

It would be best to dry the diamond jewelry after giving it a good cleaning. It is advisable to do this naturally using air as the drying agent. You may also use a soft cloth or microfiber to polish. Never dry your jeweler with a heavily textured fabric as it may scratch the surface of soft materials like gold. 

Storing Your Diamond Jewelry

Proper care must be taken when it comes to storing your diamond jewelry. If you are not careful, it may ruin your precious gems. It is best to keep this kind of jewelry separate from other types of jewelry. This is because diamonds can scratch other metals and may even scratch themselves. They are pretty powerful as the hardest natural substance on earth, so it is best to keep them separate.

 You can either store jewelry in different boxes or put them in separate soft pieces of cotton cloth or put them in a box. Whatever you prefer, make sure they don’t touch each other.

Keep Them Safe  

The truth is that diamond jewelry is not just beautiful to look at and wear with pleasure. They are also expensive. So keeping them safe is essential. When you are not wearing your favorite piece, ensure you store them away from prying eyes. This way, they will not just stay safe, but you will also get peace of mind.

Taking care of and maintaining your diamond jewelry pieces is easy if you know precisely what is to be done. This way, you will be able to use them for many years to come and get more pleasure out of them.