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How to Become More Confident at Work

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

A lack of confidence in the workplace might prevent you from suggesting ideas during a meeting, kickstarting conversations with colleagues or looking clients in the eye. 

Unfortunately, poor self-worth cannot only make you dread the working day, but it could prevent you from climbing the career ladder or securing a pay raise. Rather than allowing the problem to persist, read these tips on how to become more confident at work.

Become an Expert in a Field

To exude confidence during a meeting, you should strive to become an expert in your field. If you know a subject like the back of your hand, you will be more likely to offer suggestions, pitch creative ideas or raise genuine concerns, which could help you to stand out in your team while improving the business. So, use your spare time to read various textbooks, catch-up on the latest industry news and complete various courses.

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Improve Your Physical Confidence

If you feel self-conscious over your teeth or are struggling with poor skin, it is likely damaging your self-esteem and could be preventing you from using your voice in the workplace or networking with others. 

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Rather than allowing the physical issues to hold you back, you should aim to make them a thing of the past. For example, your confidence might be sky-high once you restore your smile with a cosmetic dentistry procedure, or you could visit a dermatologist to eliminate a skin complaint as soon as possible. 

Adopt a Positive Outlook

A negative outlook on your appearance, personal performance, or the company could be holding you back. Rather than focusing on what could go wrong or doubting yourself, aim to adopt a more positive outlook. 

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For example, rather than telling yourself you don’t have what it takes to complete a tough project, grab it with both hands and prove yourself wrong. Believing in yourself and those around you could make your job much more enjoyable, as it can prevent anxiety from building up inside.

Be More Direct

People who lack self-confidence often pause, stumble or apologize when talking to others. Instead of saying “I think” or “I’m sorry” at the end of every sentence, try to be more direct when talking one-to-one or in a group. It will convey to other that you have extensive knowledge and experience, and it will also help you to feel more confident in your own ability. So, skip the caveats and get straight to the facts, which will prove you are an expert in your field.

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Change Your Posture

Your posture will express to your boss or colleagues how you view yourself. Check out how to improve your posture. If you sit slouched with your shoulders hunched over, it will look as if you are trying to make yourself smaller or even invisible. 

Photo by Alex Read on Unsplash

To both look and feel more confident, you should sit upright with your chest open and your shoulders pushed back. This body language will convey you belong in the workplace, which can lead to others striking up a conversation and trusting much more in your ability.