Parisian Desserts Harmonized With Shoes In A Delicious Instagram Account

It's a pity that cake doesn't all the vitamins. Then I could eat delicious treats like those from “desserted_in_paris” Instagram all the time! Run by Tal Spiegel, this account posts beautiful images of desserts from all over Paris. Eclairs seem to be prominent in the city of love, and chefs go all-out when coloring them. But no matter the cake, they all look absolutely good.

“I am a graphic designer and chef patissiere currently living in Paris and examining all the best desserts Paris has to offer along with my vast shoe collection,” Spiegel wrote about his project. “There is a natural connection between the colorfulness of desserts and shoes, and this is a project I just cant stop!”

deésiré lime and wild strawberries by pierre hermé paris
Deésiré Lime And Wild Strawberries By Pierre Hermé Paris
bleu blanc rouge éclair from fauchon
Bleu Blanc Rouge Éclair From Fauchon
mona liza eclair by fauchon
Mona Liza Eclair By Fauchon
carrot orange tart by carl marletti
Carrot Orange Tart By Carl Marletti
lily vally by carl marletti
Lily Vally By Carl Marletti
cake by broken biscuits paris
Cake By Broken Biscuits Paris
chou fraise at fauchon
Chou Fraise At Fauchon
tart by la pâtisserie des rêves
Tart By La Pâtisserie des Rêves
equinox by cyril lignac
Equinox By Cyril Lignac
rainbow eclair by fauchon
Rainbow Eclair By Fauchon
pistachio escargot by du pain et des idees
Pistachio Escargot by Du Pain Et Des Idees
lemon meringue tart by un dimanche à paris
Lemon Meringue Tart By Un Dimanche À Paris
raspberry pistachio cake by liberte
Raspberry Pistachio Cake By Liberte
pistachio cherry flip flop by arnaud larher
Pistachio Cherry Flip Flop By Arnaud Larher
mango-citron tart by fauchon tlv
Mango-Citron Tart By Fauchon TLV


Via designtaxi