“Then and now” portraits of celebrities posing with their younger selves

It's unlikely not to be interested in celebrities "then and now" photos. Their past haircuts and trends can make you feel sentimental—mainly if a person came of age at the same time as you.
Ard Gelinck cultivated his style and became one of the best photographers when it comes to creating these kinds of shots. His recent series involves celebrities posing with their younger selves. Thanks to his mastery of Photoshop, both versions of the same person are combined as if they're best friends. Gelinck aims to our natural human curiosity regarding how other people are aging.
As we all well know, growing older is unavoidable, so it is usually interesting how it changed people who are always on screens is a question. Many of them look even better than they used to in their younger years.
Jennifer Lopez was stunning during her young days, and nothing has changed. She's 50 years old and still looks gorgeous. We can say the same about Julia Roberts, Oprah, and George Clooney - all of them have help with beauty treatments, nutritionists, and personal trainers that have helped slow down the process of getting older.