6 Years of Behind the Scenes Photos and Videos of A Toy Photography Journey from Benedek Lampert

In photography, it’s often what’s behind the scenes that are just as interesting as the photograph itself. This article will examine behind-the-scenes photos and videos from toy photographer Benedek Lampert. For over 6 years, Lampert has been capturing tiny worlds constructed out of anything, and he has some incredible skills up his sleeve! These photos and videos offer a rare glimpse into the creative process behind one of the unique forms of photography out there.

“Hi, my name is Benedek Lampert, and I am a Hungarian toy photographer. My dream is to turn everything into a tiny world. All I need are a kitchen table or a beautiful outdoor location.

Secrets are attractive to everyone. The truth behind a stunning photograph is fascinating to me. I also enjoy watching behind-the-scenes videos and photos, so now I’ll share with you some of my secrets and exciting pictures from toy photography. In June 2016, I started this genre. Of course, I am a huge LEGO fan who enjoys telling stories using these tiny people. With every picture that I take, I aim for realism and dynamism. Now, I’d like to present a universe that is very different from the previous one. A little world made of LEGO and other toys.

For example, rather than utilizing photoshopped smoke, fog, explosion, blizzard, or other artificially-produced elements in my videos (of course, the lightsabers and automobile headlamps are not genuine), I prefer to use actual effects. For indoor locations or finding suitable sites (for example – a park), I used such techniques as panning and fisheye lens distortion. I sprayed water or smoke if it was required to take stunning photographs.

Because you can’t predict what will happen, the natural effects (mud or smoke) are pretty challenging. I spent a lot of time on each of these photos. I hope you enjoy them!”

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