An Adventurous Camel, a Sheep in a Sweater and More: Artist Hugo Horita’s Whimsical Woodcarvings

All images © Hugo Horita, shared with permission

If you’re craving a touch of whimsy, look no further than Hugo Horita‘s exquisite woodcarvings. His remarkable creations appear to come alive–despite being crafted from solid timber. The Buenos Aires-based artist brings to life a curious camel, a sheep wearing a cozy sweater, and even a fast-acting deer! He explains that he enjoys transforming ideas into actual figures. “Translating thoughts into three-dimensional images is gratifying,” the artist states fondly. “I was drawn to wood for its timeless elegance and cozy aura.”

With his background in illustration, Horita’s artwork usually lies within the digital domain. However, he yearned for a creative endeavor that involved manual labor. His imaginative ideas can result in an entire piece of art in merely days or weeks; however, specific projects occasionally take months, starting with either paper sketches or virtual vector images. Horita’s wooden carvings are detailed with an emphasis on the grain of the wood to highlight joints and muscles, often enhanced by adding found elements such as pencils. He prefers using discarded pieces that provide various tones and textures for his artworks. To complete each animal sculpture, Horita adds a whimsical touch in the form of wheels, spectacles, or skis – which is why they resemble toys.

Check out Behance and Instagram for more of these vibrant creatures.