Astonishing Surrealistic Self Portraits By Rachel Baran

Rachel Baran is an exceptionally gifted U.S.-based photographer who produces amazing surreal and profession portraits that tens of thousands of individuals have fallen in love with.
Rachrl Baran is constantly growing and evolving, therefore a she is still looking out for different designs and inspirations. Some of her pictures are black, shy and filled with anguish, but some encapsulate the youthful and arty photographer's childhood and joy. However, more important is that most of these photos are innovative and incredibly well-done.

Baran experiments with various procedures for making her photographs as well. Some are only exploited in Photoshop while some are made by combining numerous photos. On top of that, Baran posts pictures on her Facebook breaking the creative process behind some of the multiple photos, showing us what distinct pictures went to the creation of her ultimate image.

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