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Enchanting Photos From The Fabulous Countryside Of Romania

Alex Robciuc is a photographer from Romania capturing the magical countryside photos of Transylvania.
This area is legendary for tall tales of Dracula and unbelievable wilderness. The rolling hills are covered with vibrant green grass and trees that change colors as fall sets in. Tiny huts and enormous castles rise in the mist early in the morning, including a quiet air of mystery.

It isn't hard to understand why this area prompted so many folktales.

"I tried to remind us of a time when heroes brought order to chaos when dark forests still keep its secrets."


"In the past year, I've photographed the sunrise and the sunset from other corners hidden from circulated streets or contemporary cities," Robciuc says of his inspiration. "Places with unnatural and strange beauty and I often felt that time ceased in these areas... the feeling was strange as if you were waiting for the characters in the grandma's tales or characters from the tangled history of these places to appear in front of you."

"In this series, I photographed centuries old abandoned mountain villages, remote medieval hill fortresses, vineyards of lost kings, haunted castles, historical untouched woods, mountain pastures, villages where transport is based on ox and cart, depicting the pastoral idyll of Transylvania," Robciuc continues. "I tried to remind us of a time when heroes brought order to chaos when shadowy forests still retain its secrets."