The Independent Photographer Releases Winners of the 2022 Color Photography Contest

The Independent Photographer has just announced the winners and finalists of its Color Photography Contest, which received submissions from more than 30 countries. The contest was created to find and promote exposure for the best contemporary artists working across all photographic fields. Out of tens of thousands of submissions, only 10 were chosen as winners.

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“Ser Libre” – Argentina. Mauricio Holc – 1st place. Prize – $1000

“Portrait of actress and model Camila Del Campo Grandal.”

“Seiser Alm” – Italian Dolomites. Philipp Oberhuber – 2nd place. Prize – $600

“This photograph shows the beautiful Seiser Alm highlands in the Italian Dolomites. The scene was illuminated only by moonlight.”

“Women in Bathing Suits.” Vikram Kushwah – 3rd place. Prize – $400

“Calvin” – Brooklyn, New York, USA. Carly Zavala – finalist

“Portrait session with artist and model Calvin. The concept was to create a portrait that highlighted his beautiful features in contrast with the backdrop.”

“Sailboat.” Christian Bruni – finalist

“Sunset over a sailboat gently sliding along the harbor waters.”

“Hand and Fruits” – Los Angeles, USA. Jonah Reenders – finalist

“My partner’s hand reaching for a decadent breakfast in Los Angeles.”

“Portrait of a Roseate Spoonbill” – St. Augustine, Florida. Melissa Cormican – finalist

“With this portrait, I was drawn to the colors, light and also very intrigued by the contemplative look of the Spoonbill. Photo from March 2021 in St. Augustine, Florida.”

“Rainbow Mountain” – Peruvian Andes. Nicolas Castermans – finalist

“Local horse rider walking towards an amazing 5,000-meter mountain pass next to a Rainbow Mountain in the highlands of the Peruvian Andes.”

“Lucero” – Mesquite Rodeo, Mesquite, Texas, USA. Steve Wrubel – finalist

“Bull rider Adam Lucero, photographed while contesting at the Mesquite Rodeo.”

“The Kiss.” Tyler Goldflower – finalist

“The water offers us a dream-like version of reality, although rooted in the physical and real, the water removes the boundaries of gravity allowing bodies to flow freely in dream-like suspense.
Sometimes from the corner of our eye just out of focus, we glimpse a more abstract version of reality. Buried beneath our conscious selves, just beneath the surface is the river of the unconscious, carrying our deepest inner workings and desires. These phantoms of the mind have long been the source of spirituality and religion. Down the ages, we have sought to understand these mysteries through stories, myths, and legends. From cave paintings of animistic deities to the myths of ancient Greece, we have sought to understand these universal and fundamental inner workings that make us human.
Through play and intimacy, we come to further understand the fundamental human desire for connection that drives the way we navigate the world, that gives us magic and purpose for living.”