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Indigenous Tribe Projected Onto the Amazon Rainforest by Philippe Echaroux

In a gesture to attract consideration to the large deforestation ravaging the Amazon rainforest, French photographer and avenue artist Philippe Echaroux projected the faces of indigenous Brazilians onto the forest’s bushes. The projected photographs show the deep connection between the rainforest and its inhabitants, acknowledging the necessity for the preservation of their dwelling and sources.

The images deal with the Suruí tribe of Brazil which is led by Chief Almir Surui Narayamoga and was requested by the Brazilian authorities to assist replant their part of the rainforest with a view to guarantee and shield its longevity. Echaroux was invited by Chief Narayamoga to convey consideration to the difficulty, which he highlighted via his projections.

Pictures from this collection can be on show in the exhibition “The Crying Forest” at Galerie Taglialatella in Paris opening November 11 and operating through December 15, 2016.

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