Marvelous Light Paintings By Daniel Mercadante Showing Rainbow Flow Through The Forest

All images courtesy of Daniel Mercadante

As of late, Daniel Mercadante's light painting -- rainbow road continues to be traversing rocky creeks, exploring sheds, twisting around lakes and in the hearts of his followers. If you are familiar with/devoted to the '#lightpainting' hashtag, then you might have seen these long exposures trending, too. If not, here they are for your viewing enjoyment -- filmmaker Daniel Mercadante's rainbow paths.

The most recent photograph meanders across the forest floor as the sun begins to set or rise -- naturally, a filmmaker first, Mercadante isn't a stranger to amazing compositions. He set a leading collective called 'everyone' at 2009, then wed another filmmaker, his wife, Katina. You can view their award-winning films on their site, that Mercadante -- and catch more rainbow action on instagram @danielmercadante.