Outstanding Winners of the 2018 Black + White Photographer of the Year Competition

BPOTY 2018 Rachael Talibart Winner
Rachael Talibart, Winner – Black + White Photographer of the Year 2018

Celebrating the very best of monochromatic photography, Black+White Photographer of the Year (BPOTY) competition has given the winners of this 2018 contest. The biennial competition is organized by Black+White Photography Magazine in partnership with Fujifilm and is open to amateur and professional photographers.

BPOTY 2018 Eduardo Lopez Moreno Second Prize
Eduardo Lopez Moreno, Second Prize

Rachael Talibart was awarded the top prize for her striking picture of a breaking wave captured from the southern coast of England. The sea spray, frozen in time, is a dramatic shot which takes on even greater mystery in black and white.

“With the ideal image, I find that shooting black and white. can powerfully improve the emotion I am trying to evoke and, being one step removed from reality, it can provide a fresh view,” she shared.

BPOTY 2018 Aqua Lin Third Prize
Aqua Lin, Third Prize

Talibart, who is both a seasoned sailor and professional photographer, beat out a field of gifted foreign photographers to acquire the title of Black+White Photographer of the Year. Participants were asked to submit pictures across three categories: The World of People, The World Around Us, and The Creative World. The winners were judged by an expert panel that included Elizabeth Roberts (editor of Black + White Photography Magazine), Shoair Mavlian (assistant curator of Photography at the Tate Modern), also 2015 BPOTY winner Vicki Painting.

Talibart’s image was selected for its blend of technical ability and artistry, which tipped the balance in favor of this landscape photograph. In an area heavily peppered with vision including individuals, Talibart’s win proves this kind of photography is equally as successful as portraiture or photojournalism.

BPOTY 2018 Saeed Rezvanian
Saeed Rezvanian, Shortlisted
BPOTY 2018 Joseph Chung

Joseph Chung, Shortlisted
BPOTY 2018 Patrick Dumont 1
Patrick Dumont, Shortlisted
BPOTY 2018 Andre du Plessis
Andre du Plessis, Shortlisted
BPOTY 2018 Carla Kogelman
Carla Kogelman, Shortlisted
BPOTY 2018 Mark Bickerdike
Mark Bickerdike, Shortlisted
BPOTY 2018 Richard Pilnick 1
Richard Pilnick, Shortlisted
BPOTY 2018 Szymon Barylski 1
Szymon Barylski, Shortlisted

Nicola Davison Reed, Shortlisted