Take A Look At This Incredible Art Collection By IKEA And Hasselblad With Award Winning Photography

For over half a century, Hasselblad has been involved in several momentous worldwide occasions or, as some might say, giant leaps for humankind, after capturing the first moon landing on film. For 2018, IKEA collaborates with the Swedish camera manufacturer  Hasselblad as the furniture maker embarks on their latest trip to democratize art. Declared during Madrid design festival 2018, IKEA launches an art collection consisting of award-winning photography captured on the iconic cameras and by professional photographers.

Windsock by Bara Prasilova

Referred to as 'NORRHASSEL,' Tthe set aims to enlarge great art's capacity to be a great catalyst for human emotions. Furthering this, it builds upon the increased importance of having artwork around the home, specifically the trend of how millennials are putting greater value on psychological features inside their living spaces. However, after long supplying people all over the world with functional and affordable design, IKEA's most up-to-date venture details materiality through a selection of images from Hasselblad masters award extensive catalog.

'We know just how important it is to your wellbeing to have access to art. With this collection, we want to generate some superb photo artwork available to the numerous men and women. To provoke people's imagination but also make people reflect upon the sort of art they'd love to surround themselves where it matters: in the home.' Says Marcus Engman, head of design at IKEA. The 'NORRHASSEL' collection itself consists of eight distinctive images of both nature and portraits, which are decorated for their pictures, creativity, and quality.


'We want to share our passion and love of photographs with the world and give a wider audience the opportunity to find new works of art made by Hasselblad photographers. Each picture was hand chosen for its beauty, composition, and aesthetics so that they include a degree of emotion to your home.' Says Bronius Rudnickas, advertising manager at Hasselblad.

A misty view

'We're just two Swedish businesses that are very much engrossed in design, in which, for us, the ergonomics, function and quality performance of our cameras are essential. It is these similarities regarding creativity that joined us and made the partnership very natural,' clarifies Bronius.


'Being of nature and portraits, the set is very specific, but the functions are representative of luxury photography. As the cooperation is with IKEA, we needed to guarantee the selections were suitable and trendy for the many.'

Glocious gulls and Waterfront

'For its future, the show could be changed more often to be able to increase diversity and uniqueness,' concludes Bronius. 'This previous point matches exceptionally well with IKEA's exhibition throughout Madrid design festival, in which, with projects like this collaboration, the brand is exploring how to bring uniqueness into the mass production of style and art.'


Photo by Dmitry Ageev