Beautiful Photos from A Trip To Mongolia by Max Muench

'Disconnect' project was created by the photo databank Fotolia by Adobe. The three first parts of this photographic saga took by photographers Sonia Szóstak, Brice Portolano and Théo Gosselin in Philippines, Namibia, and Iceland.

For this fourth episode, the German photographer Max Muench went on an exploration of the plains of Mongolia to meet its inhabitants. As part of this trip in wild lands with an atmosphere that is both inhospitable and fascinating, the Gang Corp collective joined the artist in order to come back with a set of visuals.

Over there, in the middle of the Mongolian steppes, Max Muench, and his partners had the opportunity to take their time to admire the extent, to capture the sweetest lights and to meet wanderers who left the city a while ago after a short experience.

Max Muench came back from this journey with a series of 36 photos and Pavlé Savic from Gang Corp shot 17 videos, that will all be available on the platform for the usual prices. 3 pictures and 1 exclusive video can be downloaded for free during 24 hours on Fotolia by Adobe‘s blog.