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Essay for Free: Is Technology a Friend of Students?

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Nowadays, merely all people use this or that product of technological progress. The educational sphere is tightly related to technology, and many digital devices and software are used by educators and learners. Technology offers incredible dividends that sufficiently boost the quality of modern education. Of course, you can also find many people who do not think that positively.

Some folks hire a free essay writer and are happy that a competent writer will solve their learning issues. They also use learning apps, the Internet, and so on. The others claim that technology is not that good and may induce serious harm. We cannot deny this probability. In fact, we know certain cases when technology leads to serious problems. That is why we have decided to write this informative guide. It highlights the pros and cons of the use of technology in education. It will help you to understand if technology is a true friend of students.

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The Main Benefits 

We want to mention other benefits of the regular and correct use of technology. They are amazing and provide modern learners with more opportunities. Let’s briefly check them here below.

  • Access to All Informative Sources

If you use the Internet for education, you have access to all kinds of information. These are all kinds of useful materials offered by educational and non-profit sites:

  • Guides,
  • Textbooks;
  • Tutorials;
  • Samples;
  • Manuals, etc.

Do not forget that they can be accessed for free! Consequently, education becomes chargeless. An essay without being paid seems to be a miracle. Yet, it is a pleasant reality.

  • Quickness of Connection

Modern technology uses 5G technology. It ensures instant access to any information source you want to access. Just click on a certain site and read the data it contains. 

  • The Use of Learning Apps

Students can use various learning apps. These technological inventions sufficiently ease their learning life. For example, grammar checkers check your grammar, punctuation, and spelling. If any error is detected, it will be underlined and the correction will be proposed. Merely every writing function can be controlled and maintained by a smart app.

  • Improved Performance

Thanks to instant access to the required learning sources and smart apps, students improve their academic performance. It is simply inevitable. Just use technology with an academic purpose.

  • Enhanced Collaboration Skills

When you learn online, you can work with other students. All you need to do is schedule your working hours and select a convenient messenger. Discuss all the peculiarities of your tasks with friends and find the required solutions faster.

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Possible Cons of Free Essay Writer Program

Before we begin to discuss the drawbacks of technology in learning, we want to make a crucial remark. The cost mentioned below occurs when you misuse technology. By reading our arguments, you will understand when you misuse all those smart apps, software, and devices.

  • Addiction

Many students get addicted to the help of technology. They cannot imagine how to solve their tasks without a gadget and app. This tendency is very dangerous. Mind that you may have a bit of a different kind of addiction. You may be using technology for non-academic purposes. These are as follows:

  • Playing games;
  • Texting with friends;
  • Surfing social media platforms;
  • Watching movies on your cell phone, etc.

You also risk lowering the quality of your skills. Be sure you practice self-education very often!

  • Mental Deviations

Addiction is one of the most serious mental illnesses. A person gets obsessed with technological inventions and cannot imagine life without them. You can frequently see crowds of teens who seem to be glued to the screens of their gadgets. They use them even when it is a deep night. They do not sleep well and consume junk food just to return to their gadgets faster.

  • Physical Issues

Overly active technology lovers also suffer from various physical health problems. Some of them can even threaten the lives of students. For example, many of them have excess weight. It may develop diabetes and cancer. Many teens have bad sight, and it may develop into complete blindness.

  • Social Isolation

Many teens, unfortunately, lose connection to reality. They live in a virtual world and find it hard to communicate with people in real life. It is a dangerous mental illness.

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The Final Word

Technology is surely our friend. You only need to use it correctly and for academic needs when you are busy with your homework tasks. Otherwise, you risk getting addicted and having serious problems with health. Act reasonably, and you will become a very successful student with the help of technology.