15 Awesome Photographs Of Interesting International Borders

When we think of international borders between countries, we often tend to think of either secured checkpoints or, perhaps, unremarkable, isolated, and imaginary dividers between two pieces of land.

Some borders, though, are truly fascinating and downright cool. Listed below are some of the more interesting international borders on the planet.

Netherlands and Belgiuminternational-borders-1-1

Germany and Czech Republicinternational-borders-2-1

Spain and Portugalinternational-borders-3-1

USA and Mexico international-borders-4-2

Norway and Swedeninternational-borders-5-1

USA and Canadainternational-borders-6-1__700

Haiti and Dominican Republicinternational-borders-7-1

Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay international-borders-8__700

Poland and Ukraineinternational-borders-9-1

USA and Mexicointernational-borders-11-1

Egypt and Israelinternational-borders-17-1

Bolivia and Brazilinternational-borders-19-1

Sweden and Denmarkinternational-borders-23-1

Germany, Netherlands and Belgium international-borders-24__700

Spain and Portugalinternational-borders-25-1