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How to Sort Out the Estate You Inherited

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The last thing you might feel like doing after losing a loved one is going through all of the things on the estate that was left to you. It can be emotionally and mentally draining to have to sort through so many items that may have memories and sentimental value attached to them. Here are a few tips for how you can get through it and organize the estate you inherited. 

Consider Storage Options

One big problem you might encounter with an inherited estate is that there’s not enough space in the house to easily organize all the items. What you should save and what can be passed on to relatives or donated may be difficult to figure out if you can’t put some space in between all the items. It could be useful to look into storage solutions so you can remove a big chunk of the items from the estate. This will allow you to clean the estate easily and separate out things you plan to either get rid of or keep. 

Gather Friends and Family

Sorting out an entire estate can be a daunting process for any individual person. That’s why it is a good idea to gather family and friends willing to help. Try to have a good mix of people who knew the deceased and who didn’t. This will help you decide on what you should keep, what has sentimental or monetary value, and what doesn’t. Make sure no one throws anything away without first discussing it with you. 

Have an Estate Sale

After sorting through everything in the estate, hosting an estate sale is the best course of action. This allows you to make a profit from the estate, which is one of the main purposes of an inheritance, so you shouldn’t feel guilty about it. To host an estate sale is no easy task to tackle, so make sure you recruit some trusted family and friends to help you. Create an inventory of all the items you will be selling and their prices. This will help you get an idea of how much you’ll profit from the sale and will also indicate any theft or losses you may encounter during the sale. 

Make a Donation

If there’s anything leftover from the estate sale that is not wanted by you or loved ones, it’s always a great idea to donate to a charity. You’d be surprised at all the items charities accept as donations that would help you greatly in clearing out the estate of unwanted things. Instead of throwing things away, that would otherwise just add to a landfill, you could help a family in need and fill their cabinets with beauty products, medical supplies, and many other items commonly found in most households. 

Going through an estate can be a difficult part of your grieving process. However, try to keep in mind that it could be an opportunity for you to reconnect with family members while also helping families in need. Consider these steps when sorting your inherited estate, and you can be sure you’ll make it to the other side sooner than later.