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Things to Keep in Mind When Accidents Happen Overseas

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The probability of getting into an accident abroad is higher than in your hometown. This is because your surroundings are completely different. We try to take precautions and avoid getting hurt as much as we can, but sometimes things spiral out of control despite our best effort. The important thing is to know how to act when things go sideways, and the following guide will help you do that.

Overseas Accidents

You should prepare yourself for any unexpected misfortune before traveling to save yourself the time and effort. The primary tip you should always remember is to keep an emergency fund because legal actions and insurance companies take time to get you your compensation.

Road Accidents

When you’re abroad the roads won’t be familiar, so you should take extra care while crossing the street or driving a car. In some countries, the driver’s seat is reversed, and pedestrian roads aren’t what you are used to. Even if you’re not the one behind the steering wheel, keep a close eye on the road to alert the driver if anything is coming from their blind spot. In the worst-case scenario, you may be subjected to accidents despite your effort to avoid them.

Well, filing a report is pretty much the same everywhere. First of all, call an ambulance if you’re injured, then call the police. While waiting for them to arrive, write down the plate numbers of all the cars involved, take photographs immediately, and gather as many witnesses as you can. Upon the police’s arrival, answer their questions and take a copy of the report to present to the insurance company. 

Sexual Assault

It’s a nightmare to just think about being sexually assaulted. Whether you are planning a holiday or going on a scholarship or a work-related trip, the last thing that comes to mind is that you’ll be humiliated. Before traveling, talk to residents in the country you’re visiting and ask about all the safety hazards and the areas that are deemed dangerous to keep your distance from them.

It’s not your fault if something horrible happens to you, report the whole incident to the agent at your embassy. If you’re too afraid to do it, contact organizations in that country to take you in and give you the medical and mental support needed. Furthermore, they will evaluate the situation and inform you of the legal actions you should take and help you with all the paperwork.

Personal Injury

Sometimes you’ll think that what you have been through isn’t going to be recognized by the law when in fact, personal injuries, including animal attacks such as a dog or snake bite are taken very seriously by lawyers and police officers. Jeffrey Preszler from the Preszler Law Firm explains that you can file a personal injury claim for things that happened overseas even if you aren’t a resident of that particular country. Lawyers don’t give up on their clients, and you will get compensation based on the severity of the injury and how much suffering it caused you. No matter how odd the accident seems, don’t hesitate to file a personal injury claim and get the compensation you deserve.

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Food Poisoning

We all have a list of food we want to try before we die, so when we have the chance to try them from their sources, we’re never going to miss it! Unfortunately, your stomach may not be used to different spices and recipes, which may cause gastric problems. Moreover, if you eat street food, you may face the risk of getting food poisoning, as the cleanliness of such establishments isn’t always guaranteed. 

Before traveling, you need to get medical insurance abroad or your employer should cover all medical expenses. The language there may pose a problem for you, as you may not be able to communicate with the doctor. To solve that, download a speaking dictionary on your phone or ask for an interpreter. During your treatment, stay hydrated to speed up your recovery.


Getting robbed while you’re alone in a foreign country will feel like the end of the world. The problem is not the phone and the cash the assailant will take, but you will have to cancel all your credit and debit cards to avoid further money loss which will cut all your funds. Additionally, they may take your passport and identification cards which will leave you unidentified in a faraway country. 

First things first, go to your embassy and file a detailed report with everything stolen because the assailant may use your passport for another theft. Secondly, contact your friends and family back home to send you money until things settle. Don’t panic as long as you’re left safe and unharmed.

Occupational Hazards 

Your employer may send you to work for a limited time overseas. In some cases, your work there may include getting exposed to chemicals, hazardous materials, or dust without precautions. As a result, your health may be affected, and you could suffer from respiratory problems. 

Reaching out to your employers first is necessary, as they should pay for all the treatment and take actions against the faulty workplace. If you’re not satisfied, you can seek a lawyer to raise a claim against the whole company and get you what you deserve.

Slip and Falls

This covers a broad spectrum, from slipping on the street to falling off a balcony. Trash on the ground is the leading cause of slipping, they indicate that the streets are not regularly cleaned, and the country should be held responsible. While falling off a balcony can be due to the lack of maintenance of the building, you’re residing in for the time being. It can lead to serious injuries as broken bones.

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The one responsible for choosing the building should tremendously compensate you for ruining months of your life. That could be the travel agency you booked the place from or your company. Make sure to call for help if you found difficulty in getting yourself the help you need. 

Whether they take place in your local grocery store or a hotel overseas, accidents are never pleasant. Do your research and read the tips provided here before you travel to minimize the danger you might get exposed to and ensure a safe return. Always remember that you have rights everywhere, and the lawyers will not leave you hanging so, should you fall victim to an accident overseas, don’t hesitate to claim the compensation you deserve.