6 ways Virtual and Augmented Reality is Used Today

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Although we are still living in the digital age, the prospect of virtual and augmented reality has already begun. We are slowly transitioning our digital workplace with virtual and augmented reality, but it will take some time to get sunk properly. Technology is playing a major role in this, and different industries are using technology to enhance their productivity and overcome their challenges. But there is still time for virtual and augmented reality to fully embed in our lives. So far, we have been using virtual and augmented reality to conduct video meetings but that can be further improved. It is expected to have remote video conferences and remote staff in the future. People would be able to send holograms to each other instead of sharing a screen by using VR. It largely depends on the software development by different tech giants. Some of these VR and AR are already being used in different industries and here we will be discussing 6 ways virtual and augmented reality is used today. So, without ado let’s get into details. 

Human-Machine Interfaces

Let us start with something very popular: human-machine interfaces. We all know that manual labor in every industry has been reduced significantly. All of this happens because we built machines that can do the work and humans can supervise them. However, in augmented reality, we can see machines and humans working along through human-interaction interfaces. Through virtual reality and augmented reality, you can improve the speed and design and reduce the amount of time it takes for a product to get ready. By using visual reality, you can show the product prototype to your customer before it actually hits the market. This means you won’t have to waste your efforts to physically show the product. However, for any virtual trade show, you will need to use headsets and tablets that allow you to see the things in the virtual work. But one set won’t be enough for the whole company so if you want to have a big portfolio in virtual and augmented reality.  Also, these VR devices need to be connected to smartphones or tablets or supercomputers for proper functioning. VR devices come with X-ray vision, heat-sensing abilities, and fast access to programs.  

These days we see a human-machine interface in the healthcare industry. There are advanced machines that can show off the veins and arteries in the human body. Then, there are other machines that can effectively pinpoint the cancerous cells in the human body and help the doctors to come up with the solution. 

3D Design for New Products

These days there are so many software and graphic designing applications that can give you architecture and machine design close to reality but by using the virtual and augmented reality goggles, you would be able to see the actual design. Whether you are designing a house or a machine, virtual reality would be able to change your imagination into a reality for you. With virtual reality goggles, 3D designs can be formed, and the users will be able to feel the effects of that world because the VR goggles feature sensing abilities. By using VR technology, the designers can come up with designs quickly and these designs can be modified easily. With virtual 3D designs, you can add further insights to your designs and come up with an efficient design that meets all your needs. 

Virtual reality 3D designs can be shared with other people for their input but all parties need to have their separate VR goggles and tools to make it work.  The team can see the prototype on the monitor but for real work, they all need their own equipment. It could be really expensive because VR goggles are not cheap, but they can make a real difference.  

Better Communication

One of the breakthroughs of virtual and augmented reality is that it has improved communication. Especially in the digital workplace, you would want the communication to be effective and virtual reality is helping with that. The ability to call anyone while working is already a trend but virtual and augmented reality can give you a chance to be present in remote places. There is no need to be physically present at the meeting because people can show up through virtual reality. Recently, we have seen the entertainment industry using holograms of singers on the stage to add visual effects, but the same things can be used in real-life meetings.

High Production 

All businesses want to produce more products when their business is doing well. But how would you use virtual reality to produce more products? Well, technically, virtual reality can help you come up with advanced designs and help you save time by automating procedures. However, for this type of work, you will need employees and labor that have knowledge of virtual reality. The employees should be able to scan QR codes and tags to use the machines for everyday functionality. Besides that, there would be machines that would monitor the employee’s performance, his/her health, and focus in real life. With the automatic procedure, the companies would be able to print pay stub on their own based on the statistics measured by virtual reality devices. 

We do find such high-tech machines but only in their initial phases. Still, there is a lot more than we can hope for in the near future. 

Safety Training

With VR apps, we can improve the safety of employees. When machines are designed in virtual reality, they can be made almost perfect. If there are issues that can endanger an employee’s safety, they can be eliminated immediately, and then the company can come up with a better version of the machine. At the same time, employees can learn how to operate the machine which will save time and money spent on training. 

Virtual Travel

With virtual reality, you can do virtual traveling. These days, so many hotels and airlines are showing off their operations through virtual travels. You would have to put on VR glasses and then you could feel being there through sensors.