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How Do CDNs Work?

Social life is not static, and if you take a closer look at it, you can see many flows: trade, financial, human, information, etc. But obstacles can arise in the way of any of them. Then it is interrupted and the goods, finances, or information do not reach the consumer. CDN hosting is the optimal solution that shortens the path of digital information to the user and guarantees its fast transmission.

Why Do You Need Content Delivery Networks?

To easily understand the importance of a distributed server system that allows you to reduce the time of information transfer, consider a simple metaphor. 

On the Importance of the Delivery Networks

Imagine that individual A is very fond of Indian tea. If Indian tea could be bought only in India, he would have to wait for his goods for a very long time. And even then there would be no guarantee of its delivery, because the longer the path, the higher the likelihood of the goods getting stuck at one of the points. But due to the fact that Indian tea is distributed through supermarket chains, it can be easily bought anywhere.

How CDN Simplifies the Delivery of Information 

The same goes for information. In the absence of CDN, the user's request is sent to the main server, where the requested information is stored. The return trip can be quite long if the user lives in another country. As a result, the web page freezes, and the information arrives with a time lag. CDN is an information "supermarket chain" that stores cached pages and is ready to redirect them to the user making the request.

What Is Needed for Efficient Operation of CDN

The main condition for fast content delivery is an extensive infrastructure of CDN points of presence. G-CoreLabs is uniquely positioned to deliver heavy content instantly with a network of over 140 PoPs worldwide. Streaming, media, and gaming platforms that transmit a lot of videos don't have to worry about delays in delivering content to the end user thanks to the CDN. It easily makes a local business international and gives you access to a global audience!