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Why Should You Pursue ISC2 CISSP Certification: 6 Main Reasons for You to Know

More and more people want to join the IT industry, and now you need to constantly improve your qualifications to win in this competitive environment. Thus, having broad knowledge and modern skills is your secret weapon to remain suitable for your role. And although it is possible to pursue a diploma in your field of choice for this purpose, earning a certification is even better.

In the information security area, for example, finding a job with a degree alone can be a challenge these days. You will have to throw in a relevant credential to help boost your CV. That is why the is what you need now. Your career will thank you for making such a wise move.

This post will show you the importance of earning the CISSP certification targeted at security professionals. So, why exactly should you obtain it? Let’s find out straight away.

Reasons to Pursue ISC2 CISSP

CISSP, also called Certified Information Systems Security Professional, is a credential that has established itself among the leading security-based certifications. It dates back to over 20 years ago, meaning millions of specialists have earned it. This demonstrates how it continues to be popular as well as the quality of knowledge it provides. 

You may think now that you have a chance to advance your career even without any badges. But why not make this process easier and faster? Keep reading to understand what goes into gaining this Visit Website Home , and you will appreciate the opportunities it will bring your way once you successfully ace its exam. So, without any ado, here are 6 main reasons for you to acquire the CISSP credential:

  • It is a leading cybersecurity certification

As was said above, CISSP is among the most-esteemed credentials in the cybersecurity sphere. It is widely recognized in numerous management roles related to information security. And with this global acceptance, it is valuable to anyone who owns it. So, if you are aiming to pursue a new role and want to impress recruiters, this is a certification to go for. And it will not matter where you are based, any competent employer all over the world will not miss the fact that you are the information security pro.

  • It is built upon a strong foundation

The ISC CISSP Certification Exam lays emphasis on the implementation of key security components as well as management. Passing the test related to this badge, you demonstrate your effective knowledge and up-to-date skills in the eight key security domains of CISSP. They include:

  • Security & risk management
  • Asset security
  • Communications and network security
  • Identity as well as access management
  • Security engineering and architecture
  • Security operations
  • Security assessment & testing
  • Security for software development

With all these competencies, you’ll surely display efficiency when it comes to communicating and executing the right security strategy. 

  • It is an effective networking tool

CISSP badge allows anyone who is focused on the field of cybersecurity to establish productive and beneficial professional networks by becoming a member of (ISC)2. This is made possible through interactions like continuous education, industry events such as Secure Summits, and technical webinars among others. And since the certification is specific, you’ll communicate with professionals who will definitely understand your working issues and ideas. This will also open up opportunities for learning, thus helping you expand on your existing qualifications.

  • It provides modern, real-world knowledge

Earning the ISC2 CISSP certification is a clear achievement denoting effectiveness in your cybersecurity role. It is a powerful designation necessary in daily operations and proves to your colleagues and employers that you are competent. 

Through studying to your CISSP exam, you’ll gain helpful insights applicable in the real world. The education, practical experience, and the intensive learning that you carry out before taking the test help you understand information security challenges faced by today’s organizations. And with the fast-developing technological world, threats keep mutating. This demonstrates the need to have professionals who know modern problems and the ways to solve them. And you’ll become one of them.

  • It maximizes your employment potential

There is a significant demand for personnel who are View URL Now . And for a holder of this badge, this is the perfect time to raise your career. With a wide knowledge you’ll prove through this credential, you can seek employment and work in various roles such as security manager, security consultant, security auditor, and chief information security officer, just to name a few. 

Once you earn your certification, also make sure to revamp your CV. In fact, you will be issued with a digital badge that you can showcase in your social media profiles. This enhances your credibility as potential employers and colleagues can validate your skills.

  • It enhances your earning potential

With the minimum working experience of five years required as part of the certification eligibility factors, your in-depth knowledge and adherence to the code of conduct will come out clearly. The average earning of an information security professional per annum as provided by PayScale is $114,000. This indicates the critical role that the CISSP badge plays when it comes to the salary you will command.


The Certbolt Training Courses Videos credential is helpful to professionals as it ensures their career develops. Private and public sector employers recognize the value that their staff holding the badge brings. And due to this, they give you an opportunity to find a befitting role as well as deepen your potential. 

A successful career is also determined by the compensation package your employer awards you. And though this has no implication on your daily duties, it does affect your professional advancement in a big way. CISSP is definitely a certification to consider if you wish to enjoy the great career benefit!