Colorful umbrellas on the streets of Portugal


An extravaganza of colors, hovering over the heads of passers-by in the form of colorful domes of different sizes and colors, can be called a festival of Portuguese umbrellas, but art project is known under the romantic and gentle name of an Umbrella Sky.

Umbrella Sky installation is made possible by the fact that this street in Agueda is narrow and quiet, and to the authors of the project was not too difficult to stretch the wire between the buildings and attach to it a lot of umbrellas. A further effect of art, which can be seen on the pavement – it is an interesting pattern that turns on a sunny day out of the shadows of the open umbrella. The art project is appreciated not only by residents and guests but also photographers and amateur photographers. Rarely you can have the opportunity to photograph something as bright, colorful and unusual, like “the sky from the umbrellas!”