Gorgeous Image by Leslie Taylor is Called “Most Stunning Photo of Kyoto”

Distinguished for the blossoming cherry trees, countless shrines and temples, and conventional structures, Kyoto is among the top travel destinations in Japan. Its bountiful beauty was captured in a seemingly infinite quantity of photos, but one picture-perfect shot has left the Internet in amazement. Captured by photographer Leslie Taylor, the indisputable attractiveness in the city is presented by the gorgeous photograph of Kyoto.

Lately posted on Reddit, the -viral photograph depicts a composed, cobblestoned road leading to the famous 5-story Yasaka Pagoda. Silhouetted against the soft pinks, blues, and oranges of the sunset, the landmark looms above the stores and booths of the historical Higashiyama District—which, as any Kyoto resident can verify, is usually bustling with tourists and shoppers. Somehow, Taylor has experienced the hotspot during an instant of tranquility, which he communicates through his beautiful, gently-lit photograph.

Taylor, who specializes in travel and landscape photography, has called Japan home for five years. During his time in Japan, he’s built a wonderful portfolio of websites sprawled across the nation up. His growing portfolio of pictures can be seen on Instagram.