What is Scandinavia Famous for

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Scandinavia is on the wish lists of many travelers. But how much do you really know about the impressive Scandinavian countries?

The Legendary Vikings 

We all know movies and myths about the Vikings, and indeed they played a significant role in Scandinavian culture. From the late 8th to the late 11th centuries, they traded, pirated, raided, and settled throughout the parts of Europe, North America, the Mediterranean, North Africa, and the Middle East. There are plenty of myths; for instance, did you know that actually, their helmets didn't have horns? Or that most of the time they spent farming? 

Nature Wonders

Scandinavia is also known for its unique nature. Covered in green during summer and in white during winter, the land amazes everyone who visits. Long coastlines with fjords, deep forests, meadows, rivers, and lakes make Nordic nature unique. What's more, the countries are proud to be a place of phenomenal Northern Lights, Santa Claus’ home, and having plenty of exciting activities from cruising, wildlife watching to snowboarding. So if you are eager to experience the best of the region, don't hesitate to go on adventurous Scandinavia tours.

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Architecture & Design

Scandinavian architecture and design are known all around the world. This is because it's so famous for its modernism, simplicity, minimalism, and functionality. In general, the design features clean lines, basic shapes, and solid, natural colors. Plus, it shows the Scandinavian people's viewpoint of a more natural way of life.

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Scandinavian lifestyle

The Scandinavian lifestyle is considered one of the healthiest and happiest in the world. The reasons for this high-quality life are simple; Nordic people have excellent habits. First of all, they enjoy being outside, hiking, and cycling without sharing it on social media! Secondly, people eat healthily. Many restaurants and shops offer seasonal and local ingredients, such as fish and seafood, mushrooms, and berries. Thirdly, people have an attitude of "work to live, not to live to work," meaning that some companies provide six-hour working days or four-day working weeks. Also, Scandinavians receive generous vacation entitlement; most of them finish earlier on Fridays and or/and have shorter hours in summer. And Last but not least, famous hygge! The comfort, feeling of contentment or well-being, and quality of life is a truly Scandinavian concept.

All in all, Scandinavia is a genuinely remarkable and must-see destination. To witness more of the beautiful nature and small towns we recommend traveling around by train. So start your journey by taking the Oslo to Bergen train, one of the most scenic routes, and continue exploring the region!