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Mod Comic Posters By RoganJosh

Modern and sophisticated are words not usually associated with comics, making this series all the more awesome. The artist behind this fantastic line of art is RoganJosh a.k.a. modHero from Astoria, NY. All posters in this series are available for purchase. Visit Etsy for more


Illustrator Ivan Belikov

Ivan Belikov – freelance designer and illustrator from Chelyabinsk, Russia. Generally focuses on album covers, prints and posters.

Solstice and Equinox

Visual Artist, born in 1976 in Belgium, Charline Lancel lives and works in Brussels. Ever since she was a child, she showed an eye for beauty of colors and the harmony of shapes. Her photographic work consists of photo-manipulation, called digital Op Art. Minimalist in

Sandy-prints created by eco-artist Ahmad Nadalian

I am inspired by the ancient examples of cylinder seals and consequently have made large examples adorned with my own carved designs. I then rolled these cylinder seals onto the surface of sand. The results usually show a myriad harvest of living creatures adorning the


Game of Thrones Season 2

The third season of the epic fantasy drama television series Game of Thrones premieres in the United States on HBO on March 31, 2013. Enjoy our Season 2 Fan Project. Politikwerft Designbüro from Hamburg | Germany. Visit our Portfolio! Follow us onfacebook | twitter | behance | pinterest. Watch us on flickr | vimeo.


Minimalist Posters Play With Musical Genres

Challenging a group of 13 designers to each create a poster representing one musical genre, the creative people at Edits by Edit gave these simple instructions: use only one element and one typeface (stating the genre). What was created is a stunningly minimalist yet readable