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Solstice and Equinox

Visual Artist, born in 1976 in Belgium, Charline Lancel lives and works in Brussels. Ever since she was a child, she showed an eye for beauty of colors and the harmony of shapes. Her photographic work consists of photo-manipulation, called digital Op Art. Minimalist in

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Minimalist Posters Play With Musical Genres

Challenging a group of 13 designers to each create a poster representing one musical genre, the creative people at Edits by Edit gave these simple instructions: use only one element and one typeface (stating the genre). What was created is a stunningly minimalist yet readable

Literature Quote Illustrations by Evan Robertson

“I took little snippets of text and ideas from some of my favorite authors (with some notable exceptions that I’m saving), and let the words be a springboard for an illustration. The illustrations incorporate and interact with the text and hopefully add up to something