Save Your Photos Correctly, so They Don’t Get Lost”


Save Your Photos Correctly, so They Don’t Get Lost

There are times when capturing something at the perfect moment takes a lot of work and patience. You might take hundreds of pictures that day, though only that one will be worth keeping. How you store your photos is important because losing these moments in time can be frustrating and costly. With so many different ways to save images and documents, picking one that will preserve them for a long time can be tricky.

Using a Hard Drive

You probably upload all your images to your computer to view them and work on them. It is a good time also to back up any important work to another hard drive so that if your computer breaks you won’t have lost everything. Some people are especially cautious and save their work to a RAID system. The RAID is a number of hard drives that back themselves up to each other. That means if any one of them fails, the data isn’t lost.

DVD’s and CD’s

DVD’s and CD’s were once a popular way for people to save their work. You can burn a huge number of photos onto one disc depending on the quality of the images. The discs are also easily transportable, so you can share them with others or even send them through the post. However, there are inherent problems with this type of media. They are extremely prone to scratches which can then render the data on it unusable, so they need to be handled with care.

SD Cards and Thumb Drives

These types of media are great for copying work such as photos so that you can take them somewhere else to show. However, they are not the best way to save your work permanently as they can become corrupted. If you do happen to find your SD card is corrupted, then companies such as Secure Data Recovery Services can help get the images recovered so that you won’t lose them.

Use Online Storage

Cloud storage is becoming more popular with companies and individuals for saving all types of data. You can even mirror the whole hard drive of your computer to the cloud so that nothing gets lost. You may need to pay a fee for large uploads to the cloud, although it is a safe way to protect your work from damage or loss.

Printing Photos

Some people still like to print off their images and place them in albums. It is a great way to present your photos to others, and it is a permanent solution. You need to be mindful of the paper you use to print your images, it needs to be good quality photo paper, or the image may fade over time. You should also keep digital copies of your photos in case they get damaged.

There are many ways to save your images so that they can be kept forever. The one you choose depends on what you prefer and how you like to show them.