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Dogs Who Don’t Need A Walk, Just A Mind-blowing CAR RIDE!

It’s not a recently found fact that dogs are always ready for a cool car ride. Is it the speed … or is it the wind that makes them as keen as mustard… Who cares anyway! Each moment of dog fun is a pleasure for the owner, too, especially when a sweet photo shoot is taken.

#1. The First Car Rider on The Web

The Firs Car Rider

#2. Living Life Like A Boss

Living Life Like A Boss

#3. Faster, faster! Can Not Feel The Wind!

Faster, faster!

#4. Refreshing Ride or … Sleep? Who Cares, It’s So Cool!

Refreshing Ride

#5. Safety First

Safety First

#6. Just Chillin’

Just Chillin

#7. The Wind Discovers My True Beauty

True Beauty

#8. Feel The Sun, Feel The Wind, Feel Life!

Feel Life

#9. Play It Cool

Play It Cool

#10. I Am So Exhausted, But Can Not Resist!

Can Not Resist

#11. World Is Spinning!

World Is Spinning

#12. One Dog + An Open Car Window = True Happiness

True Happiness

#13. Hair Blow Out

Hair Blow Out

#14. What Huge Lips! Are They Mine?

Huge Lips

#15. Gone Crazy With This Wind

Gone Crazy

#16. Can I Drive Next Time? It’s Awesome, Man!

Can I Drive

Next time you have this feeling that the walks and running are never enough for your highly energetic dog, you can just end the day with a spinning car ride – an honest advice from a professional dog walker in London!

Fun Fun Fun

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