How to Train a New Animal the Easy Way

Photo by Kirsten LaChance on Unsplash

Training any animal will take time, discipline, patience and a whole lot of effort on your part, but the reward is all worth it in the end. 

Whether you are training the new family puppy or a new horse at the stables, there are some tips and tricks you can use to ease the exhaustion of a training session and have them all trained up quicker than ever. 

There is no one perfect method when it comes to training an animal, so you will have to consider the animal as an individual and factor this into your training. 

Research First

Before you jump right into training, you should take the time to research tried and tested methods and find out whether they actually work or if they have unwanted side effects. Once you teach something, it will be very difficult to unteach it. 

Photo by Brandan Keller on Unsplash

You can research by looking up horse training videos, reading articles by seasoned trainers, or even just asking your friends who have trained an animal before. Anyone who has owned a dog knows the effort it takes to train one, and they can offer you invaluable insight. 

Start as Soon as You Can

When it comes to training an animal, every second counts. Once you have gotten all your research done and have a good idea of what techniques work the best, you should start the training as soon as possible. 

Photo by Sheri Hooley on Unsplash

Train Regularly 

Muscle memory is a powerful thing and training regularly will help to kickstart this in your animal. The more often you train, the more familiar they will become with your commands and what the are supposed to do. 

Irregular training sessions will mean both you and the animal get out of the flow and this will impede your progress. Therefore, consistency is key!

Young female jockey on her horse leaping over hurdle

Learn from the Animal

Every animal is different and has its own unique personality. Some will absolutely love training sessions and others will downright hate it. It’s up to you to figure out how your animal works and to adapt the training sessions and techniques to them so that you can get the best out of them. 

Young woman with a horse. Lady in a bright colorful dress

If they prefer to be outside rather than stuck in a living room or stable, take them outside for the training. Their mood will lift and training will become much easier. 

Don’t Forget to Reward Them

For every good thing your animal does, they deserve a reward or treat. This will encourage them to associate doing the command with receiving a treat, and therefore they are more likely to remember and keep on following that command. 

Close Up Of Funny Portrait On Wide Angle Lens Of Horse On White Background. Hand Of Person Feeding Horse With Biscuit Cookie.

Training an animal doesn’t have to just be hard work. You can have a lot of fun together and bond as you train. Seeing how your animal progresses and improves during training should be enough to encourage you to keep on training them. Remember to take photos and videos to remember these times forever.