4 Essential Elements of a Modern Kitchen Design

brown wooden dining table with white chairs near kitchen

The kitchen is sometimes considered the heart of the home because it is used as a gathering area for family and friends. For that reason, many homeowners strive for a fully functional and stylish kitchen to have in their home. So, if you have come to the point where you want to change the appearance of your kitchen, there are several things you must take into account. The first thing you must think of before you engage in any remodeling is the style of the space. Since this requires some thorough planning, you also need to think about your budgeting because it can certainly affect the overall cost of a new kitchen.

One kitchen style that has been very popular among homeowners lately is the modern design. This design offers a simple look and sophistication of your kitchen. In fact, it is all about creating a clean, functional and calming space where you can add innovative aesthetics to create the kitchen of your culinary dreams. From polished countertops to frameless cabinets and modern appliances, there are many elements you can add to create a modern-looking kitchen. In this post, we are giving you the five essential elements you should include to give your favorite room in the house a fresh look.

Minimalistic cabinetry

Modern design is characterized by a lack of ornamentation, so opting for simple cabinetry enhances the clean, sleek sophistication of your kitchen. In fact, cabinets may be considered as the focal point in your kitchen, therefore including uncluttered cabinet design is the way to go. For example, frameless cabinets are the most popular style choice that is used in modern kitchen designs. They are simple, elegant and provide excellent storage. There are no face frames and the door hinges are placed to the sidewalls of the cabinets.  Another very popular choice for cabinetry is the flat-panel cabinet which is also known as a slab-door cabinet. This type also adds to the warmth and depth of the modern kitchen. Lastly, modern kitchen cabinets can come in vivid colors too. For example, if you want to add flourish to your kitchen, you can add cherry red or bright cobalt blue polish. Just make sure the color you choose matches the rest of your kitchen interior.

Modern countertops

The countertop is probably the most important element in the kitchen as you will be using it the most. Having the right one adds the ultimate design touch to your kitchen, especially if it includes a bold color. When choosing this essential element, make sure you select materials that are durable and are able to withstand any wear and tear when you are cooking. For example, marble countertops are extremely durable and are perfect for creating a clean, minimalistic look. However, since the color scheme for marble countertops is limited, you can opt for high-quality quartz which is available in many colors to make your kitchen appear chicer. Another option for your countertop is butcher block. It is more inviting and it adds a warm look to your kitchen. Besides the classic stainless steel material, there are two other metal options that have become very popular for modern kitchens. These are the zinc and copper countertops which create a soft glow in your beautiful kitchen. 

Stylish seating area

Another element that has become a game-changer for modern kitchens is a banquette seating area. There are many benefits of having a banquette dining, but the best one is that it opens extra space for seating and can even transform one side of the kitchen into a tiny bistro. The banquette area looks fantastic in modern kitchens and it offers a feeling of comfort and sophistication. A freestanding banquette sitting area can be created with an adorable bench seat which can be complemented by studded stools and a wooden table. This is the best option if there is not much room in your kitchen to work with. The L-shaped banquettes are also perfect for any odd small corners you might have in your kitchen. They create the illusion of having a wider space when put up against a kitchen. The best thing about any type of banquette area is that it provides hidden storage space within the bench. There can be drawers which you can fill with linens or other kitchen items.  

Bringing in some light

The kitchen is the room where you cook and gather with your family and friends which is why a modern piece of lighting should be included. The thing with lighting is that you can add many lights in your kitchen including above your kitchen island and banquette dining as well. For example, white pendants are among the most popular choices for statement lighting in modern kitchens. They add a little bit of glam that gives a fresh and warm feeling in your kitchen. If you are looking for a playful touch then you can go for dandelion chandeliers which provide just that. Also, opal glass and vintage brass offer a more luxurious contrast in a modern kitchen. The best thing when choosing your statement lighting is that it comes in many geometric shapes and exaggerated sizes which simply add to the aesthetic in any modern kitchen. Even choosing a vibrant color for your lighting can lift the neutral color palette you might have in your kitchen.

Final thoughts

If you want to remodel your kitchen, going for a modern kitchen design is certainly the best choice. The elegance and lack of ornamentation it offers are what makes this design very attractive to homeowners. From appliances, furnishings, lighting and colors, every detail is very important when you want to achieve that overall modernity you are looking for. So, next time you decide to remodel your kitchen and give it a fresh, modern look, make sure you include these four essential elements to create the kitchen of your dreams.