6 Must-Have Additions to Any Modern Kitchen

white kitchen table

Is your kitchen in need of a modern makeover? Does your toaster always set the smoke detector off? Well, you’re in luck because today we introduce to you 6 must-have additions to any modern kitchen. The perfect modern kitchen is one where style meets substance and functionality, so read on to find out more about how you can transform your kitchen aesthetic and up your cooking skills with just a few simple additions to your culinary arsenal!

One Stand Mixer To Rule Them All

If you really want to inject some modern spunk into your kitchen, the first thing you’ll need to get a hold of is a sleek and modern stand mixer. Stand mixers are the perfect kitchen tool that allows you to whip up cake batters, whipped cream, and cookie dough in an instant. Most stand mixers also come with various attachments such as dough hooks that allow you to knead bread without having to break your back. Reputable brands now offer stand mixers in a whole variety of colours too, allowing you to pick one that truly fits into your home kitchen decor. 

An All-In-One Thermo Cookers

Chances are you’ve probably heard of the legendary Thermo cooker from various friends and family members over the years. Thermo Cookers are handy appliances that do almost every kitchen job for you. From sauteing and whipping to mincing and steaming, a Thermo cooker is the ultimate kitchen assistant that is loved by thousands around the world and is also used in high-end restaurants, cafes, and pastry kitchens. Say hello to homemade bread, pasta sauces, stock, curry pastes, yoghurt, ice cream, and nut butters, all without having to pull out 15 different appliances at once. Sleek and elegant, most Thermo cookers in 2020 fit perfectly on the benchtop and take up minimal space, allowing you to preserve precious counter space for other tasks such as rolling dough or chopping veggies! 

All About That Electric Grill

If you live in an apartment or backyard space is a rare commodity, then an electric grill is the perfect addition to your modern home kitchen. Electric grills are perfect for cooking up Steaks, Salmon, and a variety of grilled vegetables including Asparagus, Eggplant and so much more. Food that is cooked on an electric grill often even tastes better and is a healthier alternative to pan-fried meals. An added bonus is that electric grills are compact, smoke-free, and very easy to clean. 

A High-Speed Blender

Step into the future where blenders are used for more than just smoothie or soup making. In fact, a high-speed blender can make a wide variety of dishes including Nut Butters, Ice Cream, Sauces, Mayonnaise, and even homemade Ground Nuts and Flours. A high-speed blender is a perfect finish to any modern kitchen and an appliance that we guarantee you’ll use at least several times a week. Say goodbye to over-priced condiments, spreads, and dips, and hello to healthy, fresh, and homemade alternatives. 

A Trusty Slow Cooker

Slow cookers are a godsend for people who lead busy lives and have hectic work schedules. They also make for affordable meals because as a result of the long, low-temperature cooking, less expensive meats end up becoming as tender as their more expensive counterparts. All you have to do is dump a whole bunch of ingredients in the slow cooker the night before or in the morning, set it to low and you’ll have a hearty meal waiting for you when you’re home from work. Man cannot live on takeaway alone, so a slow cooker is something that we always recommend for busy individuals. 

Juice Your Way To Better Health

Last but not least, we truly believe that a cold press juicer deserves a place on this list. Cold press juicers differ from centrifugal juicers as they slowly crush fruit and vegetables instead of simply blending them up. This results in high-quality juice that doesn’t oxidize as quickly and retains the maximum amount of nutrients and vitamins that can then transfer straight into your bloodstream. Instead of spending a ton of money on store-bought juice, invest in a modern cold press juicer and nourish your body with fresh, homemade, and organic juices, straight from the tap! 

Transforming your home kitchen into a modern food making mecca is as simple as investing in a few quality appliances that not only look good but also offer an immense amount of functionality and features that elevate your home cooking to the next level.