Combining WWII History of Vespa’s CONCEPTUAL ELECTRIC SCOOTER with modern design

As a Vespa fan, I admire and love the smooth lines and minimal design because it makes one feel like you can ride it with ease. It's not too masculine or bulky, more gender-neutral hence the admiration by many.
An interesting fact about Vespa: its initial design was an inspiration from the Cushman scooters, used by the US military during the Second World War. Its name tho "Vespa" in Italian means "wasp" (because it looks like a wasp) was given by Enrico Piaggio - an iconic aircraft manufacturer. To blend a piece of history with modern design, Mightyseed has designed Vespa 98 – a conceptual electric scooter that fits today's world's needs. Vespa is known to have remained its retro looks while staying modern. The design team says that looking back into history might provide a lot of useful insight into the future. The Vespa 98 electric concept variant is a rebirth of the first design. The idea is much more like a fresh incarnation with smooth styling cues with streamlining characteristics. This electronic scooter showcases a more striking look than the initial one with modern layout features like the handles. The mudguard is still placed like it was in the original motorbike, although now it holds the LED light instead. A crucial difference is this single-seat scooter with lidar sensors at the rear end to give the rider a notification instead of having a rearview mirror. The Vespa 98 is powered by a 30 Ah lithium-ion battery pack located in the scooter's belly, which also includes a spacious storage compartment. The core motor wheel highlights sporty looks while the tilted tail lamp strip at the rear indicator system attaches a futuristic feel to the idea. The design recognizes the history while still tailoring it to the favorites that the current public will have. Vespas make your content, and electronic ones make the planet happy too!