5 Remarkable Tips for Styling Your Kitchen This Summer

silver pot on top of induction oven

Home decor is one of the cheeriest ideas to brighten up a dull day and a dull interior. With so much to think about ranging from colors to patterns to shapes and how you would exactly want your newly decorated interiors to look like, decor can make every moment livelier. And it gets even more exciting when the decor is for your kitchen, and you can feel fresh summer breezes and sunlight coming through your open windows, making every new decor shine more brightly.

Getting summer decor might now be a bit overdue, but it is never too late to design your kitchen the way you want. It might be a bit monotonous to stand and cook in a kitchen and look at the same old ornamental pieces. But, a touch of some new decors will fill your cooking time with a renovated zeal and zest. So, without further delay, dive into these tips and get your kitchen makeover right now!

A custom canvas photo collage

You might have installed some very cute pictures of you and your family or friends in your bedrooms and living spaces, then why not get some very cheerful pictures in the kitchen too? A few colorful, happy shots can change the whole vibe of your cooking area. 

Now, getting one or two pictures in your kitchen will be cutesy, but getting a whole bunch of pictures will definitely change the whole tone of the area. And, you will have something beautiful to look at instead of boringly see your pasta water boiling!

The only problem that might arise is the shortage of space to add more than a few pictures. But CanvasPop’s custom canvas photo collage will help you beyond measures. Choose a few good pictures, throw in some clicks of your pets and get a beautiful CanvasPop collage!

An herb gardens

A functionally producing kitchen is better than all other kitchens. A small little kitchen garden near a well-lit space, preferably in front of a window, will be very aesthetic and pleasing. You can use this space to cultivate some in-house herbs and give your kitchen a very beautiful summer vibe complete to the point with the fresh garden smell from the plants. 

green leafed plant at daytime

You can use pots to plant your herbs or a horizontally long planter. Drop-in a few seeds of the herbs you regularly use, and you have a fully functioning herb garden in the matter of a week. The green appeal will surely up your kitchen decor game. 

A paint makeover

If you are really very serious about the way you want your summer kitchen to look like, a beautiful paint makeover will brighten and enhance the whole place for you. Whites are an all-time classic option to choose from. The lighter colors feel very cool to the eyes in the oppositely extremely hot days. It also creates an illusion of space and expanse, which is welcome in otherwise cluttered and congested feeling spaces. All you have to do is paint your cabinets, ladders, and doors to make the place feel more energetic and livelier to cook in.

closed door

Pastels are one other option that you can work with. If you already are going with white for your cabinets, choose a pastel color as the backdrop or the wall color. If you are not into coloring the walls, merely add a few pastel artworks to some empty spaces and corners to add a refreshing splash of color. 

The summer smells

While we are talking about something refreshing, there is nothing that can top up some cute, elegant flowers in your kitchen. Choose from a range of summer flowers that you like. Sunflowers and lilies are a few most beautiful summery flowers to accommodate in your kitchen. You can also choose flowers that have fantastic smells to make your house feel like a blow of the sweetest summer breeze.

baked cake near lemon fruits in glass container in a kitchen

Style your flowers in mason jars, blue and white ginger jars, oversized jugs, or vases and keep them wherever you want some extra color to pop up. Add some flowers as centerpieces on dining tables, arrange them in your sink after you are done in the kitchen, and add them to other places that seem a bit dull. If you feel like there is not much counter space in your kitchen, bring in some flower art, or chalkboard with flower art, etc. to add some elegance. Invest in a good air freshener for your kitchen and also remove kitchen odors!

A cookbook displays

A library in a kitchen is the last thing that you might think of in a kitchen, but you will surely need to have one in your kitchen. A book display in a kitchen is something you are not very likely to find in most of the houses, and that is how this beautiful little idea can set your kitchen apart from others. 

person looking at magazine

You can use fruit crates, vintage crates, furniture store racks, or any other storage unit as your cookbook display ideas. Keep some storage jars or containers among your cookbooks, and you have a very pleasing display unit! Books displayed besides shiny cutlery or an open pantry is a great idea, too. 

Kitchen decor is a fantastic idea to make up for the time that you will otherwise spend aimlessly staring into a void while your food gets cooked. Invest in these charming and elegant tips, and get your kitchen looking like its best self!

books on brown wooden shelf