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A powerful commercial instrument for real estate

Showing customers around their future homes earlier than the construction has started and given them the genuine feeling of being inside sounds really fantastic. However, it is quite achievable with VR Real Estate Services.

Need for space

Real estate market is rapidly growing. The apparent and undeniable proof of it is the abundance of advertisements for the latest construction industry products. That looks quite logical while the contemporary demand for dwelling in the United Kingdom is evaluated as much as three hundred thousand annually. However, the trend in question does not concern only the UK. The number of Earth’s inhabitants is reported to increase at a rate of 1.05 per cent each year thus putting forward a greater demand for the dwelling.

The mission of marketing

No matter what the main purpose of the future development is supposed to be, either selling or leasing the space, there always exists an aspiration to attract future customers and make them reserve the lodgings ahead of the start of construction. Running marketing campaigns when the construction is underway or even has not been launched yet is the fundamental activity of real estate commerce at present. 

The primary task for marketing is to demonstrate the possible final product to a customer which will convince him or her to make a purchase. The potential residents of the property might be offered an illustrated booklet or an informative web page to get acquainted with the future lodging.  Anyway, pictures will not provide a complete overview of the place. 

The best tool to demonstrate the property

For real estate brokerages, such as eXp Blairsville which showcases house photos, 3D tours, listing details, and a neighborhood list of Blairsville real estate for sale, the power of virtual reality tours is undeniable. These tours transcend the limitations of traditional printed materials, offering an experience that closely mimics an actual visit to a property. Once a building’s design is finalized, these 3D virtual tours can be developed. It’s then the responsibility of real estate companies to communicate the vision to experts who use specialized software to bring the concept to life.

Subsequently, a media library filled with virtual tours is created, showcasing the potential of the property. It’s even feasible to generate a VR tour of the space complete with furnishings, offering prospective buyers a unique chance to immerse themselves in the property and experience it in a lifelike manner. Moreover, the introduction of a 360 tour is advantageous as it negates the need for construction companies to create physical models of the final product.

Customer benefits

Virtual tours help the client to get a realistic experience of visiting the future home, compare some of the most favoured sites and choose the best place. The technology in question is highly valuable in terms of satisfying customer’s need to get the most precise demonstration of the product. Plus it gives the immediate feeling of ownership to the potential real estate buyer.

As a rule, people spend a significant amount of time and resources travelling from one marketing suite to another. Three-dimensional virtual tours have resolved this issue as people can experience the tour from the comfort of their homes using a smartphone, a tablet, a PC and, in the ideal case, a 3D headset. If you do not have this kind of equipment at home, that is not a problem. The real estate agent will provide you with a headset to enjoy the tour in the office. In addition, you can virtually visit a number of properties in one day.

Finally, people tend to discuss making an expensive purchase with their family and close friends. Virtual reality tours give the customers an opportunity to share the experience of visiting the future home with the loved ones and get their opinion of the property. 

 A practical solution for the developer

Undoubtedly, 3D technology offers direct benefits to people who are looking for a house to purchase or to rent in their area. However, CGI virtual reality tours for property is also a practical solution for developers whose aim is to expand to worldwide market as virtual tours can be available in any place around the globe.

Possessing a showcase of virtual reality tours, the developer is sure to get an increase in profitability rates. 360 panorama may be included in detailed marketing plans which encompass lengthy periods of time, up to several years. Virtual tours appear as effective marketing tools even prior to the beginning of construction as well as in the process of building.  

In addition, virtual reality tours stay remarkably efficient for the developer after the team has left the place and the display suite has stopped functioning. So while the personnel are already running a different location, virtual reality tours are working to vend the property which has been left unsold.

Together with high usability, VR tours provide property developers with the opportunity to attach some additional information. The construction project owner can include the following options:

  • a map of the area indicating the location of the property
  • a video file featuring the neighbourhood, which will help the customer feel the atmosphere of the new place
  • a document covering the most accurate information on the property
  • a link to the reservation page
  • a link to a data entry

Property sellers have always been aware of the fact that horizontal projection of the future building is the key aspect in promoting the property for sale. Three-dimensional technology allows the project owner to advance marketing tools to a new standard. Apart from the virtual room tours, the customers can experience realistic overview of the reduced copy of the whole building.

Beyond that, the clients can acquire high quality realistic photos of the property as well as precise dimension drawings. Amazingly, all the mentioned options including virtual reality tours are available within a single device.

360 VR tour will definitely work to your advantage as long as you decide to employ this technology as either a project owner or as a member of the marketing team.