The Ideal Trick For Real Estate Exterior Photography

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The exterior picture will always act as the main attraction for potential clients. If they like what they see, then they will be interested in seeing your remaining space. It is crucial for the seller or retailer to always pick up on the right method for photographing their real estate exterior. Your clients will never depend on wordy descriptions to finalize their projects with you. They will always require pictures of your work. Most people won’t be interested in going further with the project with just words.

As a seller, you need to back your work up with pictures to secure your clients. You need this combination in your property ad to capture more attention. As a broker, your job is to tease and temp the buyer. Yes, you can always hire a professional to do the job for you. You can approach homiesfoto to help you with the project. But if you are planning to do the work by yourself, then you need some key pointers. Here are some tips that you will need to remember while taking pictures of your real estate’s exterior.

Proper Preparation

Composition and framing act as the key factors when it comes to exterior photography of real estate. The home should look perfect with no clutter lying around. The furniture in your home should also look neat and dust-free. Based on the size and space of the home, there should be proper planning and organization. In this way, you increase the chance of landing a purchase. In addition, your property will end up selling fast. Here’s how you can stage your home:

  • You need to get rid of unpleasantries such as dried leaves, toys, trash, and other clutter.
  • If your car isn’t the best, then proceed to hide it. You can always borrow a fancy car from a friend or family. It is just for the picture as it brings a sense of sophistication.
  • If your home has a lawn in the front yard, then you should proceed in trimming and pruning your plants. You can always add some flowers to bring that sense of vibrancy to your landscape.
  • Ensure that you clean your property features, hardscapes, and surroundings.
  • Ensure that you check your fixtures and their symmetry.
  • It is wise to start dressing up your porch.
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The Sun Is Important

You should never block the sun. Why? Well, because natural illumination is always the key. You won’t be spending money on artificial and expensive lighting. The first thing you need to do is take test photos at varying times of the day. You need to do this to see how the sun is affecting your pictures. Ensure that your sun is on your backside when you shoot your property.

You will end up losing the features of your home in the shadows. How? Well, because your home has light coming from its back. You will have a dull exterior appearance, and the sky disappears in the absence of correct exposure. Anything, which shines or the windows end up glaring in pictures. You can fix this issue by angling the camera in a different way. Ensure that you light the space while taking pictures at dusk or dawn.

Cloudy Weather Is Okay

Clouds are responsible for the creation of wide-angle lenses. A Cloudy day tends to feature a natural type of diffusing effect for reducing glare. In addition, it helps in bringing out all the perfectly fine features present in your property. Here, strong lighting is not required but can still bring out the mood.

Dark Mode Shooting

Night images are highly underrated. They are just as good as the pictures that you take during the day. About 25-30 minutes before the sun starts to set, you can secure attractive pictures. The sky produces a luminescence effect in the dark that can be matched when you turn on the lights of your property. Of course, you need to do so from both the inside and outside.

person holding dslr camera

Presentation Matters

Just because you click your home from an attractive angle doesn’t mean that you are deceiving customers. You can hide the unattractive homes near your home if any. You can do so by proceeding to fill your frame by your property’s façade. For instance, you can exclude the trashcan present on your sideway by taking the shot from a different perspective.

Unique Highlight

Every home has a personal touch that the agent wants to highlight. It can be anything from masonry work, well-manicured lawn, or a garden fountain. Anything that stands out should be presented in the photo. You can include a substantial quantity or portion of it inside the frame.

Tripod & Timer

It is important to exploit the peripherals and time feature whenever you take exterior photography of your real estate. It helps in reducing blurring that stems from shaky handling. In addition, your tripod helps in stabilizing your camera for securing less distortion. The distortion happens whenever your hand holds the camera. Another benefit of utilizing the tripod and timer feature is to obtain vertical lines. It also brings an improved angle and added height via the extendibility of your tripod.

Pay Close Attention to Details

When you start capturing the pictures of your property’s façade, all the exciting elements of your property should be included. It can be anything from the pool, little patio, water fountain, your automatic garage, and the pine trees present on your landscape. For example, certain clients are interested in knowing if a property has a porch or a pool. It will enable the clients to make quick decisions and save time.

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Aerial Shots

You can go that extra mile and take some professional cool aerial shots. You can do so by using drones. The drones will take pictures of your property’s layout overhead. It helps in showing the property’s relationship with its surroundings. In addition, it provides a good view of the floor plan for the clients. Most agents prefer to have these shots in their listings.


Digital manipulation is always required up to some extent. The photos of your property should be compelling. It will help you in securing potential clients. Plus, it is normal for certain imperfections to be on your pictures. Here, retouching will ease the workload for you. We would advise you to either use Lightroom or Photoshop for the job. Here are some of the things that you can do:

  • Color correction.
  • Adjustment of ambient exposures.
  • Getting rid of blemishes.
  • Tweaking photo crispiness.
  • Straightening lines.

In Summation

The tips mentioned above will help you in garnering multiple clients with top-level photography. Ensure that you follow all of these vital tips to have a better experience in this competitive industry. Soon, you will be one of the best brokers in town.