Australian Architects Designed a Floating Island with a Single Tree in Copenhagen

Architects Marshall Blecher and Magnus Maarbjerg from Australian design studio Fokstrot, have created CPHØ1, a prototype floating island which can move around Copenhagen harbor.
The Island, which is absolutely free to anyone to use, will move around the harbor over the next year and can be used for fishing, barbecues, camping, and swimming. It is going also to host modest events at different locations.

The island is a small, 215 square foot (20m2) hand-crafted wooden platform that's made entirely from sustainable sourced recycled and local materials, and is backed by recycled plastic bottles, with a 6m tall small leafed linden tree that's been placed in the center.
The team are creating a blueprint for the archipelago of similar floating islands which can be scattered around the harbor, such as a floating Sauna island, floating gardens, floating mussel farms along with a floating diving stage, that may be assembled together to produce one large platform if necessary.
The prototype was built with the aid of Konstfondens 1:1 Arkitektur grant scheme and Havnekultur 365, together with the tree provided by SITAS (Scandinavian Instant trees), Susens Bådbyggeri and Syddjurs Savverk.

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