BIO Architects Has Designed DD16 House for Extreme Weather Conditions

Ivan Ovchinnikov of BIO architects has created a prototype of a compact modular house that designed for extreme weather conditions. The DD16 house is made up of two modules that are meant to be used by tourists and voyagers wanting to see remote locations. The framework is made of laminated wood with milled ports, while the vents help reduce the weight. Additionally, to help decrease the load of the inside finishing materials, polyurethane foam is used as insulation. The exterior finishing is made of composite aluminum sheets which are a lightweight material that is resistant to the numerous environments.

Although BIO architects' DD16 home proves to be streamlined, the inner space preserves its homeliness. On account of the extensive glazing and the extraordinary amount of entering the light, the interior region visually increases in dimension. The same principles employed for the construction of the home are utilized for the supplying -- weight loss and maximum utilization of space, while concealed markets are used for storage.