Coliving is the answer for today’s renter

Renting an apartment is a topic that is discussed almost every time. Many people want to live as comfortably as possible, but at the same time as cheaply as possible. 

So if you are asking if it is possible, the answer is yes, it is possible, and if you are wondering how it can be done, we have the answer for you in the following paragraphs.

What is the ideal rental for most people?

The ideal apartment rental for most people must above all be secure, peaceful, carefree, flexible, financially simple and of the highest possible quality. 

Ideal rental is of course a very broad concept. This phrase means something different for each individual. As they say, "a hundred people, a hundred tastes," otherwise it's not an "ideal rental." Therefore, people who want to find the best possible rental for themselves should first ask themselves what their priorities are.

If you do not know how to write down your priorities, we will help you. Choose from the following list of priorities. Then sort your listed priorities from the most important to the least important.

  • Privacy.
  • The amount of rent.
  • Type of property.
  • With or without roommates.
  • Security.
  • Neighborhood.
  • Civic amenities.
  • Accessibility to the city center.
  • Quiet or busy environment.
  • Length of the lease.
  • Furnished apartment or unfurnished.
  • And others.

Once you have answered this question and written down your main priorities regarding housing, you can start the next step—finding the right rent.

Finding the right rent

If you work with your personal list of priorities, this will be much easier. The fastest method for finding a rental will be through the use of the internet. The number of websites putting up different rental offers is growing like mushrooms after the rain. Therefore, first make sure that the website through which you are looking to rent is legal, has good references and has many different offers. Quality photos with an extensive description should not be missed. Since the choice of real estate is very personal, we will focus on the two most common types of rentals.

Rent the whole apartment separately

If you are highly financially capable, you will definitely fall in love with this type of rental. There are a large number of different offers for renting high-quality apartments in New York. In this case, however, you really have to bear in mind that it has high financial demands. In New York, every inch is important and, of course, rated accordingly. Although this is one of the options available, more and more people are choosing the second—significantly less financially demanding—option.


This is a very flexible option that is becoming increasingly popular among people. This option may be the answer to your housing dilemma. Anyway, choosing the right coliving in NYC can be challenging. There are many companies that operate or offer coliving. Again, here it is necessary to find out what reviews and ratings your chosen coliving company has. 

Of course, these are not just reviews and ratings. You need to make sure that the company offers a coliving that will suit your needs. If you have decided on this option, there are several factors you should consider. Again, you will need to rely on your personal priority list. Based on this, you choose the location, neighborhood and a specific apartment.

Quality companies that run coliving usually own real estate. This is a great advantage because then they can ensure the safety, equipment, administration, and operation of the whole house. A coliving company always has its standards and therefore chooses its tenants carefully. Therefore, you can be sure that your roommates will be instructed on the house rules and how to behave in the apartment and in the house. If someone repeatedly violates these rules, it is a significant breach of contract and this contract will be terminated. That's why coliving is one of the best, cheapest and safest living options in New York. It is very likely that coliving will fulfill all your priorities or at least most of them.

Why Coliving?

In short, coliving is a shared space, but of course, you can rent a separate room. In addition, the lease is very flexible, and if you have to move unexpectedly to another part of New York for any reason, you can do so without interfering with the current contract, just change the apartment. The duration of the contract is also very flexible and you can choose between short-term and long-term rental. Due to the fact that the whole property belongs to the coliving company, it is customary for the apartment or house to be furnished very well and carefully.

The apartment is fully furnished and you only need to move in with one backpack. As part of security, shared spaces are monitored by a camera system, and in case of any problem, everything can be solved very quickly.

You can finalize everything about this option online with almost no need for any personal meetings or tours that would take you time. Quality coliving companies have various high-quality photos, videos or live online tours of the apartments, where you can see what you’re getting into from the comfort of your current home. You can check out really large number of different offers in a matter of hours, from which you can make your choice.

In conclusion

Coliving has its advantages and disadvantages. You may not be comfortable with a roommate, facility, or location. For example, if you like privacy, you may have a problem sharing a room with someone. But whatever it is, everything can be solved very quickly thanks to its flexibility. If you chose the option of renting a whole apartment to yourself and the neighbors or location does not suit you, or you encounter any problem, you would find it very difficult to change the contract.

Thanks to the flexibility it provides, co-living could be the answer to your dilemma, and the answer to how to live cheaply, efficiently, and, above all, living according to your priorities. In general, New York offers you all sorts of different housing options. Your choice should primarily be based on pre-verified facts, reviews, ratings, and priorities.