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Factors to keep in mind to pick the best table saw

photo of brown wood slab

Do you want a tool that can cut wood precisely? Then, you must get the table saw. This is widely used in the workshops. There are available in different designs and features. It would fit all your cutting requirements. With many table saws in the market, it becomes challenging for you to choose the right one that fits your needs and budget. There are a few factors you must keep in mind to pick the best table saw

Base type

The first thing you must check is to maintain balance between mobility and accuracy. The saw would be portable to move around different places. However, the saw you use at home would look different to that of what you see with the woodworker. There are different types of saws available. There include – portable or bench top saw, hybrid saw, and stationary saw. Based on your requirement, you can choose the best one.

Table space

The table space is what will determine the wood size that you can cut. The space is nothing but the space that is on the table where you keep the saw. It will hold the wood level as you move through the blade. The size of the table would differ from model to model. The table size of the contractor would be bigger compared to the portable ones. There are cabinet saws available to extend the table. This would increase the space and let you cut the wood of bigger size. 

Extension table

You may get the extension table with the saw when you buy. You can also get this separately. Few models will allow you to extend the table space so that you can cut bigger size of the wood. Once you are done with cutting the wood pieces, the next thing you must do is to detach this extension. However, the portable saws will not offer you with this option, but the stationary saws will have this option to extend the table.

RIP capacity

Ripping the board is nothing but cutting the wooden grain in the same direction of the wood. The RIP capacity is the distance between the fence and the saw blade. If the distance is huge, you can rip the bigger boards. However, the rip capacity you want in the table saw depends on the type of wood you would want to cut. If you want to cut the wood that is wide or plywood, it is best to go for the rip capacity that is of 24 inches.

brown wood log lot


The table saws that you get in the market would be of 15 amps. If the saw that you are planning to buy is the second hand one, then the amperage would be less. If the amperage is less, then it becomes troublesome for you to cut the woods precisely. The 13-amperage saw would be difficult to rip the wood of 2*4 inches.

Size of the saw blade

The 10 inch blade is the common blade size that you find in the table saw. These are available in different sizes such as 8 inches, 12 inches and 14 inches. For instance, the table saw of 10 inches can use the blade of 8 inch, but you cannot fit the table saw of 10 inches with a 12 inches blade. It is easier for you to interchange the blades that are equipped to the miter saw and table saw. 

Cut depth

The thumb rule is that the table saw with the blade of 10 inches can cut the wood up to 3 inches whereas the table saw with the blade of 12 inches can cut the wood up to4 inches in depth. 

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