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Five Tips for Moving Into Your New House

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The housing market may have experienced some volatility in recent months and years, but UK households’ appetite for moving remains large; in the second quarter of 2021, a third of a million households were due to move house, with a further third of a million intending to do so. Moving house as an experience is deeply stressful and deeply rewarding in equal measure, but here are some simple tips to make that move just a little less intensive. 

Find the Right Removal Company

This is one of the areas that often receives the least thought when it comes to moving house, but can have a profound impact on its success. For the best chance of a seamless move, you’ll want to look for a home removals company that offers a packing and unpacking service; you may not want to take them up on that service, but the offering of the service indicates the care with which your belongings will be treated. You’ll also want a service involving a team of movers, to save you the hassle of heavy lifting and the risk of injury.

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Keep a Tight Budget

Removals is one area you do not want to skimp on, in order to better protect your possessions. But elsewhere, costs can quite quickly balloon – from the additional costs attributed to the purchase of the house to a growing list of renovation tasks. As such, defining the money you have to spend can make moving much less stressful.

Change Your Locks

One of the very first things to do when you arrive at your new property is change the locks. Previous occupants may have given out spares, and knowing that a stranger cannot enter your house with one of these spares will be a relief. You can also use this opportunity to further increase your new home’s security.

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Update Your Personal Details

In all the excitement of physically moving into your new home, it’s easy to forget about all of the administrative tasks you’ll need to carry out after completion. You will likely already be dealing with your utility companies in advance of the move, in order to ensure a smooth transition of your energy tariff and broadband package – but your employer and bank will need updating with your new physical address. If you drive, your insurance and driver’s license itself will also need updating. 

Meet the Neighbours

With all of the tough stuff out of the way, you can breathe a sigh of relief and begin your new adventure. While you start to get unpacked and organised, you should endeavour to say hello to your neighbours. Whether knocking on to offer a cup of tea or finding the local message-board online, introducing yourself to the locals can make all the difference in your move, and create a real sense of community as you settle in.