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What do you need to know when moving to Dubai 

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Property in Dubai

Expat life in Dubai means a high level of comfort, plenty of amenities, opportunities, lots of sunshine, and of course hard work. However, this applies only to those who respect the order established here. Having familiarized yourself with the local culture and rules in the emirate in advance, you can avoid many troubles. While you are looking for apartments for sale in Dubai the UAE, check out some recommendations for ex-pats in the city.

Life if you have a real estate in Dubai

It is not uncommon for what is considered simply “inappropriate” behavior in our society to be punishable by jail time in the UAE. The laws of the UAE differ significantly from the laws of Europe and America, and in most cases, certain rules are due to religion. And if ordinary tourists can be forgiven for breaking any rules of conduct, then ex-pats who live and work in Dubai are subject to strict behavioral requirements.

Despite the country's major achievements over the past few decades, ultra-modern buildings, and the use of the latest innovations, people in the emirate still strictly adhere to local traditions. And tourists and ex-pats, also expect respect for their values.

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Life in Dubai: what are the rules to follow

  • Religious traditions

Everyone who comes to live in Dubai has the right to practice their own religion. However, anything that is a crime against Islam is not allowed and will result in severe fines and/or imprisonment.

  • Dancing in public places

You can't dance in the street. This rule applies to everyone - locals, expats, and tourists. This can only be done in nightclubs, hotels, or at home with closed curtains.

  • Car driving

There are heavy fines for speeding, street racing, and using a mobile phone while driving. Every year in the UAE, traffic violations are taken more seriously, therefore, even though some violations are quite common, you should not think that this is not punished. It is better to get used to following these rules right away.

Rules of Etiquette in Dubai

Here are some things to keep in mind when communicating with the residents:

  • Men for greeting use a handshake, the duration of which is slightly longer than we are used to. Between relatives, friends, and people who respect each other, both hands can be used. It is not customary for Arab women to give a hand, except when she takes the initiative.
  • Taking food or drinks, giving or taking business cards, and accepting or giving gifts can only be done with the right hand.
  • Don't sit cross-legged, especially if you can see the soles of your feet.
  • All gestures are made with a full palm. Pointing a finger is considered indecent.
  • It is customary to take off your shoes before entering a dwelling.
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What is better not to take with you to Dubai

If you are going to visit the emirate, you should not take with you:

  • anti-Islamic materials;
  • products that are made of rhinoceros horn or ivory;
  • goods made in North Korea, Israel, Iran, Qatar, or Somalia;
  • dice, chips, cards, and other attributes of gambling;
  • psychotropic medicines.

Yes, some UAE rules and laws are not surprising, while others may seem strange. However, in any case, to avoid fines, arrest, and deportation, it is better to follow local rules, and then your life will be completely comfortable and calm. In general, the city is the most hospitable for foreigners among all emirates.

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