How to keep your garden fence looking fresh

A good garden fence is a key to any backyard. Most importantly, it needs to be safe and secure, but it also needs to look good. If your garden fence needs a little attention, then look no further! This article tells you exactly how to keep your fence looking fresh all year round.


If you have a wooden garden fence that looks a bit worn, then all you'll need is some wood preserver, and this will make the wood look brand new again. However, it’s important that you don't use any chemicals on your fence if it's in direct sunlight or rain. 

It may even be time for a new coat of paint. If so, be sure to use paint that's suitable for your specific fence. For example, don't use oil-based paint on aluminum fences, and remember—the best time to paint your fence is when the weather is dry and sunny as you'll get a better finish. Finally, when you apply the new coat of paint, make sure you leave two inches from each side and at the bottom of the fence panel, as this will stop the paint from peeling and flaking off later. 


Certain types of fences are more likely to be affected by the weather. If your fence is made from wood, PVC, or metal, then you'll want to use a protective coating, as this will make it easier to clean and maintain the fence. 

Metal fences need protection against rust; therefore, a waterproofing spray can help protect these fences against water damage. 

Wooden fences should be treated with water-resistant stains, which will help protect against harsh weather conditions such as rain and sun damage. It'll also prevent the fence from rotting away over time. 

PVC has its own protective coating that's included in the manufacturing process. However, it's still a good idea to use another protective layer, as this will help protect against the sun’s UV rays and other harsh weather conditions.


Whereas wooden fences need to be treated about once a year in order to help prevent any damage caused by moisture and sunlight, other types of fences may not need anything done to them for many years. That said, if your fence is looking particularly worn down (especially if the paint is peeling or flaking off), then it may be time to replace some parts.

Nowadays, there are countless brilliant fence companies out there that can get the job done quickly and reliably. You can get in touch with some online or via a quick call to your local fence company. Just make sure you know what kind of fences they specialize in and you'll be good to go!

Keep cleaning 

Maintaining your fence is just as important as getting it in the first place. When you clean your fence, always use a mild soap to protect any wood finishes; but make sure water doesn't pool on it for too long because this will cause damage over time. 

The best way to keep your garden fence looking fresh all year round is to check it regularly. This way, you'll spot any problems quickly and get them fixed in no time! And remember, if you have an aluminum or PVC fence, then never use harsh chemicals on it.