Mobile Exhibition House in Austrian Mountains by Innauer-Matt Architekten

In Austria's Bregenz Forest, Innauer-Matt Architekten has designed a mobile exhibition house for Kaspar Greber, a timber construction company.

The temporary pavilion has been made to display Kaspar Greber's product and its potential to visitors. The'Ausstellungshaus' offers a sensorial experience: you see the substance, you can touch and smell it. The contemporary wooden area is entered through around sliding door whose shape is echoed at the louver windows on each wall. The design firm has created a space that unites the source of Kaspar Greber with a polished modern vision of building: "Our take on the region's classic gable roof denotes the organization's core competence, house construction." In additional highlighting this connection to local tradition, the firm used high-quality craftsmanship in their construction of the space: wooden dowels remain visible to embody the stiction-based structure of their building. In addition to being displayed at fairs and exhibitions as a showroom, the transportable space can be available for more personal occasions: weddings, birthdays and much more.

All images ©  Darko Todorovic

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